10 interesting & important facts that you never knew about custom cake boxes


10 interesting & important facts that you never knew about custom cake boxes

Cake boxes are as important as cakes. They come from cardboard and kraft stocks. These packages are available in all sizes and styles. They are easily

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Cake boxes are as important as cakes. They come from cardboard and kraft stocks. These packages are available in all sizes and styles. They are easily die-cut in a variety of shapes. Customization is easy to apply to them. You can print your brand logo and product details for the advertisement of your products and services. Moreover, the beautiful colours, designs, and fonts attract the customers and convince them to buy the products. Lastly, they are hygienically safe and eco-friendly packages. They are 100% biodegradable and pose no harm to the environment.

Customers see cake boxes before seeing the actual product. They serve as the first impression on the customers. You can use these packages innovatively to boost your business. Furthermore, customization with these boxes will take your brand to a whole new level. They will make you stand out in the market and will give tough competition to others. Moreover, they can prove to be a significant tool of advertisement for your brand. There are many interesting facts about them that will amaze you.

Cake boxes with beautiful shapes

The advancement in technology has taken everything to a higher level. Bakery boxes are no less than anything else. Entrepreneurs who know how to attract their buyers design the boxes innovatively. The facility of die-cutting them in various shapes makes packaging even more interesting. Different shapes such as round, triangle, hexagon, and many more, efficiently package the cake. Moreover, they grab the attention of customers and lure them into buying your products.

The availability in various sizes

Just like the ingredients of a recipe, food boxes fit the products and enhance their value. Earlier, there was no trend of mega cakes. People used to cut more cakes instead of making a bigger cake. But now, the trend has changed. You can get the cake of your requirement and make it as big as you want. Similarly, the packaging of cakes is also available in different sizes. This is a facility for buyers. If you want a big cake, you do not need to worry about how it will be packaged and stored.

The luxury cake boxes lure customers

Just like gifts, cakes also come in a luxury style. The cakes with golden paints or additional props make it luxurious. To maintain its worth, luxury custom packaging is also available. The text is often embossed or debossed on it. Furthermore, the application of different coatings enhances the appearance. Therefore, it is easy to get a packaging similar to your cake.

Customization can do wonders 

Earlier, people spent a lot of money on making beautiful packages for their products. But now, custom packaging is there to make all the effort. The ease of making the boxes the way you want is worth anything. You can print the designs and images of your choice. The availability of creative shapes and styles enhances customers’ experience. Additionally, custom cake boxes also protect your product from damage.

Incredible cost-effectiveness 

It is a common fact that the presentation of a product is its first impact. It is also true that a beautiful presentation costs a lot. But now, it is not difficult to afford an elegant customized presentation of your cake. All this is possible with cardboard boxes. These boxes come from wood and tree pulp. This is the reason that they are easily affordable and easy to customize. Resultantly, using them will uplift your business and satisfy customer requirements all at once.

The cake is safe during transportation

It is difficult to make an attractive presentation. But it is more difficult to maintain it, especially when the product is a cake. These eatables are vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Mostly, the damage is possible during the shipping process. But now you do not need to worry. Cardboard makes packages that are sturdy and resistant to damage. They ensure product safety, and the customers receive their orders in the same presentation. Additionally, customers develop confidence in you, and your brand name stands out.

Cost-effective brand advertisement

Advertisement is a key strategy for the success of any business. Most entrepreneurs spend hefty amounts for this purpose. But now, the custom cake packages do it for you. Printing your brand logo and product details will make the buyers know more about you. Furthermore, to make it more special, add a recommendation about your other services. This single package can help you gain much fame and promotion.

Reusability awakens your creativity

Reusability is the biggest asset of packaging. Who would like to throw away packaging that is so beautiful yet so useful? These cake packages can be reused in several ways at home or at the workplace. They easily fit any corner and prove to be a great store for some extra stuff. You can use it to store some extra stationery or as a money box.

Alluring add-ons

There is always a chance for a little extra something when it comes to cakes. Using a little glitter and shine will leave your customers awestruck. A package with gold foiling fonts or a glittery print is all that you need to do. Apart from enhancing the value of the cake, it will give the packaging that extra boost. Add-ons are always a good idea, so give a glittery touch to your box.

Ease of handling is all that you need

Carrying a cake with care is a tough task. It often becomes messy and destroys the beautiful presentation if not carried properly. So, to make it easy for you and the customers, add the handle to the box. It makes it easy for you to carry the product and makes sure the presentation is maintained. It does not even increase the weight. This is a small tip to upgrade your packaging.

Cake boxes are versatile, and you can use them in different ways. They will serve several purposes and upgrade your business. Also, they are satisfying for the customers as they fulfil their requirements and are affordable for businesses. They can immensely boost your brand.