3 Common Layout Mistakes You Should Never Repeat

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3 Common Layout Mistakes You Should Never Repeat

Designing does not have complicated set rules that you should follow. Brainstorm yourself, and when the time comes, you can make an informed decision

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Designing does not have complicated set rules that you should follow. Brainstorm yourself, and when the time comes, you can make an informed decision about how to design your space best. Always invest in yourself because if you try to make a piece work without loving it, you will never get the dream space you desire. Remember that the best living rooms are the ones that feel unique and personal. 

While deciding on the furniture for the living room, bedroom, or even your TV lounge, there are some common mistakes that you should know about. And by avoiding these minor mistakes that matter a lot, you can get the place of your choice with the prettier interior. If you want a spectacular space to enjoy for years and years to come, you have to learn about the common layout mistakes you should never repeat. 

Interior design is never rocket science. You can apply the same principles from room to room and always get it right at the core of it. So we have listed three common layout mistakes you should know about

  1. Wall Hugging Syndrome
  2. Not Having Walkways
  3. Taking Improper Measurements

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Wall Hugging Syndrome

The wall-hugging syndrome is the first and common mistake people make when deciding on their home furniture. When people push up their table against the wall, it creates an empty void. There seems to be nothingness in the middle, making it uncomfortable to have a conversation with your guests. It is not comfortable for the people who are experiencing this space. It could be too high, cluttered, or random if you want to make your room look taller by hanging art pieces high. But what it does is strain your neck to look at it. Therefore the art piece should be hung at eye level depending on the people living in the home.  

The way to fix the wall syndrome would be to float the furniture in the middle of the room. If you do not have ample space, this does not have to be smacked entirely in all the rooms. It could be a bit off the wall, and it is excellent to put your furniture against your windows. If you are hanging the art pieces above your table, for instance, your sofa, make sure that your head is not touching the bottom of the wall-hanging art piece when you lean back.  

Not Having Walkways

The second most serious mistake that most people unconsciously make is not using their furniture to create walkways. Sometimes, you will have an open layout with an open, airy, and modern dining set. When you develop walkways between your furniture, this is supposed to create a flow between rooms. If you walk into your living room and there are no walkways, it will lead to a frustrating environment. 

You can use furniture to create walkways. If you have an entryway to walk into your living room area, you can put your sofa closer to the door. It will make the immediate hallway when you walk into it. You can use rugs to help designate your area, and it will lead your eye to walk around your space. 

Instead of all the space, you can put a sofa smack if you have a completely open living and dining room. Try to use rugs and sofas complimenting each other because it helps attract attention essentially to your home. 

Taking Improper Measurements

The mistake that most people make while getting new furniture for their interior is not measuring the space where they can put their furniture. It is troublesome to buy furniture that does not fit to go with your room. It could take you an hour to measure your living room wholly, but all of your time is entirely worth it. 

It is most important yet confusing at the same time to read your floor plan. Most people do not know how to read their floor plan. Therefore, you can consult the interior designer to place the furniture you might get from a furniture store Dublin, Ohio.  Each side of your living room does not have to look fancy and complicated. But you need to know how much space you have to pick the correct interior such as sofa, rugs, table, lamps, curtains, etc. So, you must measure all the lengths and know the heights because the curtains usually come up higher than others. 

Final Thoughts

Do not suffer from the wall-hugging syndrome. It looks fine to flip your furniture in the middle of the room. Your living must be connected with you when someone gets into your living room so that they can instantly connect to who’s living there. For designing, you are pouring your heart and soul into the design of your space. Make sure to use your furniture to direct traffic in your home and create walkways. Do not forget to measure before you buy. People make many mistakes from time to time, but you can avoid these mistakes very quickly.