5 things about google nexus 5


5 things about google nexus 5

Are you thinking about purchasing a mobile phone? We have a perfect option for you to get for yourself. All you need is Google Nexus 5. It is one of t

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Are you thinking about purchasing a mobile phone? We have a perfect option for you to get for yourself. All you need is Google Nexus 5. It is one of the most desirable smartphones available in India. Not only you will have an excellent set of features but also you will have something that looks more than classy and exquisite.

If you are still confused about why my Google Nexus 5 is the perfect choice for you then we will help you with five of the best features that will surely convince you falling for this device, check it out:

Excellent Display

With the help of Google Nexus 5 you will be benefited with the 4.95 inch display. It is perfect enough for you to have excellent time going to different content. It is worthy enough to enjoy videos without being uncomfortable. 

Top Processor

Another advantage of using Google Nexus 5 is because of the processor it is carrying. Yes, you will be able to enjoy a seamless performance of this device because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that will surely make your experience more than worthwhile.


This phone comes with an excellent camera attribute that will make your picture look more than satisfying. With 1.3 megapixel front camera and megapixel rear camera this phone is certainly worthy enough to have if you are looking for an affordable phone to click pictures.


Another attribute you get with this device is loaded RAM. Yes, 2GB RAM is good enough to make this phone run smoothly even with different applications working at the same time.

Battery Capacity

This device will never let you down with the battery life as well. The battery capacity of 2300mAH will certainly keep you engaged all throughout the day.

The 5 attributes are more than convincing to make you have this phone for yourself. There are many more attributes that come along with Google Nexus 5. The most important thing about this device is that it is completely affordable and loaded with top features. So you must never think twice before making a purchase of Google Nexus 5 and have an excellent time with the smartphone.

Get Repair Services Instantly 

If there are any kind of issues you will always have Nexus 5 repair service providers available to help you. All you need to do is to look for one of the best names in the business who can resolve all the problems related to your Google Nexus 5. 

From Nexus 5 screen replacement services to battery replacement services you will never have to worry about anything with experts by your side. As and when you reach a reliable repair center, you will be getting an expert who can take care of all kinds of mobile phone repair service and help you have your phone fixed in the most convincing manner. With them you will have your device back within the same day and that to without any kind of data loss at all.

So, Google Nexus 5 will never trouble you in any form and help you have a convincing smartphone experience.