6 ‘Cashback’ apps you must download


6 ‘Cashback’ apps you must download

Digitalisation has made life easier and safer than ever. There are various applications that you can use to automate a plethora of tasks like paying u

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Digitalisation has made life easier and safer than ever. There are various applications that you can use to automate a plethora of tasks like paying utility bills, funds transfer etc., that needed manual intervention earlier. One such benefiting option that digitalisation has gifted the consumer is cashback apps. There are plenty of nearby cashback apps to make payments and get some assured money back into the wallet. It is like getting a discount even when the product is not on sale. Thus these apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst people. That is why businesses register on these platforms to increase their customer base and loyalty. The convenience of using these apps is also another reason for their popularity. Users just need to find a reliable app. Then, use their QR code scanner to make the payment. It might sound convenient, but finding the apt cashback app can be challenging. With numerous options online, deciding which one is reliable and the most profitable can be difficult. 

Six best cashback apps

To ease your challenge and help you reach the decision quickly, we have listed some apps you should consider downloading.

Fave App

After much accreditation abroad, My Fave app is set to hit the Indian market. It is one of the most reliable and user-friendly cashback apps for customers. The app offers assured cashback against each transaction you make through it. You can find plenty of restaurants and eating joints listed on the Fave App to pay using the scanner. Moreover, they also notify you about the available offers so that you can make the most of them. Hence, choosing the Fave app for getting exciting cashback is an ideal option. 

Coupon Dunia

Coupon Dunia is a mobile app that offers discount codes and cashback for the brands listed on its platform. You can transfer the reward points or the cashback you earned into wallets like Paytm or your bank account and use it as actual cash. It is one of the first apps launched in India for discounted deals and is trusted by people to date. 


If you like to look for deals before making spa appointments or reserving a table, you must already know about Nearbuy. It has a vast network of salons, restaurants, spas, and fitness centres in various cities. In addition, you can also look for nearby cashback offers on the app and make the booking through it. 


If you visit a restaurant or a place listed on Magicpin, take a selfie and upload it on the app. Then, attach a photo of your invoice with it. You will get reward points in return which you can use to do recharges, win food coupons, movie vouchers, and a lot more.


This app allows its users to use more than 35 other apps without downloading them separately. It enables utility bill payments, booking flights, reserving tables at a restaurant, and doing much more by simply downloading Tapzo. Each transaction made through the app entitles the user to get a cashback reflected in their app wallet. 


Turning your regular bills into rewards has never been more exciting. No matter how low the billing amount is, take a picture of the invoice and upload it on the app. It can be your utility bill, grocery store invoice, or other bills. Once you upload the picture, you can get up to 50% cashback in the form of reward points. 

Though the list of options for Cashback apps is endless, you can pick one to make digital transactions. First, make sure you take at least a virtual tour of each app before deciding which one would work best for you. Then, read the terms and conditions of getting a cashback, and you are all set to turn your shopping experience even more exciting.