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7 Tips To Make Your Move Speedy And Fun

Moving can be a very frenetic reality, and you need to understand it if you are going to go through this step to start a new episode in your life. But

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Moving can be a very frenetic reality, and you need to understand it if you are going to go through this step to start a new episode in your life. But, if you equip yourself with the right supports such as a trusted local moving company and a helpful article like this, your move will become a pleasure rather than a puzzle. Here are 7 proven tips for fast and fun moves.

1. Make A Robust Plan

Rush moves happen for one of two reasons: either you weren’t very aware that a move was going to take place, or you postponed it and your time is up. The first thing you want to do is implement a plan. If you need to hire a mover, this should be your primary step.

As soon as you find a good local moving service, write it down in the books. Staying objective and realistic about what to pack, what to serve, and when to set a budget, checklist, and schedule for your move can go a long way in making your move easier.

2. Keep Everything Simple And Organized

Being organized really helps. You can greatly speed up your move by creating a nice stack of organized boxes for your move. Then save the smaller pieces and junk for last. Take things out of the cupboards if you want them to be moved. You should also prefer that all dressers and other furniture be empty so that they can be handled effortlessly and safely. Set a schedule and stick to it. Sticking to the schedule will help you avoid last-minute headaches. Time will be running out in the days leading up to your move, so be diligent in checking off these tasks. Here are some tips for getting organized before you move:

  • Sort, sort your goods and remove unwanted items
  • Create a list of items to throw away, give away or sell
  • Do a complete cleaning of your house
  • Identify items that require special care.

3. Start Your Packing According To The Move

Avoid the tendency to do things at the last minute. Somehow, it’s overwhelming and you probably don’t know where to start, but the sooner the better. If you are still late due to genuine reasons, you can hire last-minute moving services for your assistance. You will have less stress to deal with on moving day. You can even start a month earlier for things you don’t use often.

You will need boxes of different sizes for an office, twenty to forty boxes of different sizes for a one-bedroom house, etc. Also make sure to pick up a few boxes of clothes so you can pack your clothes without having to remove them from their hangers and fold them. Make sure you pack as many loose items as possible. Having unpackaged items means multiple trips to the truck and it adds up quickly. Try to pack your electronics in the original boxes.

4. Pack Your Bags Every Day Before Moving Day

Pack a thing or two each day and only reserve the last day for your everyday items. The things that will last are of course the essentials that you need to pack in a separate box labeled as vitals. This may include toiletries, a few clothes to change, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc. Basically the items you will need that first night. For support in packing, you can also take help from packing companies. Here are some professional packing tips that will make your move to your new home easier:

  • Categorize the objects by the sizes and types.
  • Pack items that you rarely use but can’t give or throw away.
  • Label / check your boxes on the side or on the top.

5. Book Your Movers Well-Ahead Of Moving Day

If you have already selected a local moving company, be sure to give them your moving date as early as possible. Depending on the time, the moving service opening hours are sometimes reserved rapidly and the desired moving date may not be available. A good moving company should ask you these questions, but some companies don’t. Check out our article on the mistakes to avoid when choosing a moving company.

6. Make Some Arrangemets

Preferably, your move date from your old location to your new one will be the same. If you are stuck between moving dates, you will need to make accommodation arrangements during the interim period. You can rent storage units to store your belongings until you are fully able to move into your new home.

7. Get Your Self Ready For The Moving Day

On moving day, you should not have to do anything except move. This means that everything from cleaning the refrigerator to fixing holes in the walls to packing all the boxes must be done before the moving day. Put a few items in some small bags that you will need in the new house, and put everything else in the boxes.