Business Card Box Can Help You To Organize Your Visiting Cards


Business Card Box Can Help You To Organize Your Visiting Cards

A business card or visiting card is the best way to promote your business. It's a small piece of card printed with your name, occupation, contact info

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A business card or visiting card is the best way to promote your business. It’s a small piece of card printed with your name, occupation, contact information, and other important details about your business. People commonly use it to build up their contacts. However, advancements in technology have given rise to other means of connecting with your customers/clients. But a visiting card is still considered an effective way to reflect your professionalism. Therefore, it holds significant importance in the business world. When you come across someone who may benefit you in the future, you can take out a visiting card and hand it over to him. These cards are usually designed from paper or plastic. However, a business card box is used to protect them from damage. It is the best way to keep your visiting cards safe and organized.  

  • Cardboard Business Card Boxes

Cardboard is the most commonly used material to make business card boxes. It is affordable and easy to customize. The manufacturers can get it printed in any color, style, and design of their requirements. It is the best option to keep your visiting cards organized. The packaging is lightweight and occupies less space to place anywhere on a shelf, study table, or office desktop. Carry it along with you while traveling. It is designed from a business card box template. The template is printed on the required sheet of cardboard, which is then folded to give the shape of the box. Finally, design them with an attached or separate lid. It’s your choice whether you want to keep these kraft business card boxes simple or get them printed in other colors. Different die-cut options are also available to make them to add a spark to your office.

  • Business Card Box Organizer

This business card box organizer is the best and easiest way to store hundreds of business cards together. It comes up with dividers and index tabs which keep them organized in alphabetical order. It has a maximum capacity of 500 cards. The box is designed from high-quality plastic with a clear flip cover. The dividers are removable and adjustable. This desktop business card organizer is ideal for use at home and office.

  • Foil Stamped White Business Card Boxes

If you want to make a wonderful impression on clients, these foil-stamped business card boxes are ideal. They are designed minimally in white with a gold-stamped logo in the center. They usually come up with a separate lid. CMYK or PMS color printing is used if needed. They are designed from eco-Friendly Kraft paper, E-flute Corrugated cardboard, Bux Board, or Cardstock. You can place many visiting cards inside in an organized manner. They are compact and sleek. However, for designing them with partition, increase the size of the business card box. Other finishing options include custom window cut-out, embossing, raised ink, and aqueous coating.

  • Custom-Printed Business Card Folding Boxes

This style of business card box is especially for businessmen who prefer something different. The template gets folded in a unique way to give it the shape of the box. You can get it custom printed in an array of designs according to your choice. Choose from various color schemes. You may also go for the one which matches your brand identity. The logo in the center looks very impressive. These business card folding boxes are perfect for organizing your visiting cards.

  • Clear Business Card Boxes

These clear business card boxes are very common. You might have seen them while visiting a doctor or any business entrepreneur. They are usually designed for office use. The box is created from glass or transparent plastic to let your visiting cards shine through. An opening in the front enables you to take out a visiting card easily.

  • Business Card Box with Dividers

This black, leathery business card box is an innovative addition. Its roller-style lid allows the visiting cards to be covered or not. The box is designed with several dividers to place different types of business cards together in the same box. Multiple-letter dividers also make sense if you want to make it more organized. The box is designed from cardboard and then covered with a piece of good quality fabric to increase its grace.