Can You Get an NBN Plan for Under $50?


Can You Get an NBN Plan for Under $50?

An internet connection is already considered a necessity in most households because of the things that are now mostly done online such as grocery shop

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An internet connection is already considered a necessity in most households because of the things that are now mostly done online such as grocery shopping, taking classes, or even remotely working. For this reason, people allocate a certain amount of their monthly budget to pay for internet connection services, and more often than not, this doesn’t come cheap.

Nevertheless, you may be surprised to find that there are indeed NBN plans that you can get for under $50 a month, and below are some of the best ones from the most reputable providers.

NBN Plans Under $50

  • Tangerine: Standard Speed Unlimited

For $49.90 a month, you will already get to enjoy unlimited data under the Standard speed tier if you go for Tangerine’s Standard Speed Unlimited plan. This is considered one of the cheapest unlimited NBN deals that you will find in the market today. Apart from having no data cap, you are even assured of a typical evening speed of 21Mbps. The great part is that you don’t need to sign any lock-in contract for this plan, which means that you are free to go anytime you are no longer satisfied with their service.

  • Superloop: Unlimited NBN

You only need to pay for $49.95 a month for Superloop’s Unlimited NBN plan that promises a typical evening speed of 22.2Mbps. This is a bit faster compared to Tangerine’s plan in the same speed tier. There is a catch though and that is you only get to pay this much for the first six months because this plan is currently on promotion. After half a year, you eventually need to pay for $64.95 which is the typical price range for NBN plans in the Standard speed tier. Nonetheless, since you are bound by no lock-in period with this plan, you can leave anytime you deem necessary.

  • Spintel: NBN 100GB Standard

Another provider offering an NBN plan under $50 is Spintel. Like with the previous two providers, this plan falls under the Standard speed tier range. However, the catch is that there is a data cap at 100GB, which means that you need to monitor your data usage to ensure that there won’t be any surprises in your next bill. Unlike the previous two providers though, this plan from Spintel is not under promotion, allowing you to get to enjoy the inclusions of the plan for the same price as long as you are subscribed to it.

  • TPG: NBN12 100GB Bundle

TPG also offers an NBN plan under $50 and this is their NBN12 100GB Bundle. Unlike the previous three providers though, this plan is under the Basic speed tier, which means that you only get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 12Mbps. Aside from this, your data is capped at 100GB. Thus, you need to keep track of your data usage, particularly if you intend to stream shows. If you are living alone or there are only a couple of internet users in your household, then this plan will prove to be sufficient for your needs.

  • Internode: NBN12 100GB

You can also get an NBN plan for under $50 through Internode. However, like with TPG, you only get to enjoy an internet connection under the Basic speed tier, as well as data that is capped at 100GB. The reason behind this is that most of the plans that are under $50 usually fall in the Basic speed tier. In this case, you can try out this plan first and in case it doesn’t suit your internet needs, then you can go ahead and switch to another plan or provider because Internode’s NBN12 100GB plan has no contract term.

The Bottomline

Indeed, you can subscribe to NBN plans for under $50 a month. However, you need to keep in mind that in doing so, you are trading off internet speed as well as data allowance. Nevertheless, depending on what you need to do online, speed, and data trade-off may not be a significant issue.