Discover The Benefits Of Going To The Movies With Your Children


Discover The Benefits Of Going To The Movies With Your Children

There are many activities that we can do as a family and that encourage the development of the little ones, but without a doubt, going to the cinema i

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There are many activities that we can do as a family and that encourage the development of the little ones, but without a doubt, going to the cinema is one of the most funs. Choosing the movie, ordering the popcorn and taking our seat in the dark with our children to enjoy a good adventure will be an enriching and entertaining experience. And the offer is very wide, of course.

But, beyond the chosen film, what does this experience bring to our children? If we go with them for the first time, we will notice how they are exposed to situations that are completely unknown to them, how they react to the stimuli that come to them from the big screen, sitting in front of it in the dark room. That is why we are going to review what this adventure means for the little ones.

Benefits of going to the movies for children

The simple fact of spending a day with the family is already rewarding and stimulating for a child, but if the adventure also means that they can develop some of their skills and learn new things, all the better. And that is what visits to the cinemas near me do, since they stimulate their imagination, expand their vocabulary and help them manage stress, among many other advantages.

1. A family day

Setting aside time for the whole family to enjoy a common activity is very positive for the mental health and development of any child. Being close to their parents makes they feel more self-confident and more likely to talk about things they might not talk about under other circumstances. These experiences unite us and allow us to get to know each other better, something that never hurts anyone.

In this sense, going to the cinemas near me is a perfect opportunity to include some leisure time during the week with the children. Especially if we take advantage of offers like those of the day of the spectator.

2. Imagination development

Another of the great advantages for the little ones is that movies help them develop their imagination and creativity.   Thanks to the dark room and the magical worlds that the big screen invites you to explore, as well as the surround sound, you will lose yourself in fantasy. For those who are inclined towards the seventh art, these family outings will be even more stimulating.

3. Stress management

Continuing with the previous point, going to see a movie is a great way for children and adults alike to escape from reality for a couple of hours . It favors the stress management of our children, who will be able to stop thinking about homework, school and other obligations for a while.

We have all experienced this phenomenon, which happens whenever a good movie catches our attention. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere created by the room itself contributes to this, enveloping you in such a way that you forget about the world.

4. Expand vocabulary

Going to the movies has one more advantage: our children increase their vocabulary without realizing it. This is a benefit that they will get, in general, when watching movies in any environment. However, the truth is that our attention is sharpened when we are in the room. There are no other distractions around us, with everything in darkness, and the sound is designed to surround and engage us. That makes it easier for us to stay with what is happening on the screen and what is being said.

5. Learn new languages

It can also be a support in learning new languages. Of course, for this we will have to wait for them to be able to read fluently and we will have to look for rooms with projections in the original version. There are many establishments that offer this type of sessions for the most purist lovers of the seventh art.

And the best thing is that we don’t only find movies in English. There are also them in French, Italian and any other language in which the film we have chosen has been shot. And, of course, we will have to see if the feature film in question has age restrictions and our son is old enough to see it.

6. Improve communication skills

Finally, going to the movies can help our son develop some of his communication skills. We will contribute to stimulating them if, after leaving the room, we talk with them about what we have just seen, we analyze the film together and we all say what we thought. This talk will motivate him to use the vocabulary he has learned during the session and to express in his own words what he has felt. A very beneficial activity for any child or adolescent, whatever their age.