Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter

Winter is not the favorite season of many people. According to the survey conducted by a survey junkie, only 16.4% of people like winters and I am als

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Winter is not the favorite season of many people. According to the survey conducted by a survey junkie, only 16.4% of people like winters and I am also one of them. Back in 2015, I hated winters just because of winter skin problems. However, after consulting with the best skin specialist in Faisalabad, now I added this season to my favorite list.

During winters the air is dry and your skin may become dull and itchy. Therefore to overcome such skin problems during winters you have to take proper measures.

7 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Here is the list of 7 tips that will help you to maintain the health of your skin even during winters.

  1.       Moisturize Your Skin

As the air during winter is dry therefore your skin needs moisturizers. You can use natural moisturizers like coconut oil and olive oil for keeping your skin hydrated. Besides this, you can also use certified moisturizers specially after a steamy bath.

  1.       Drink Water Regularly

Your body needs 3.7 liters of water per day. However, people don’t drink much water during the winters which then leads to different winter skin problems. Therefore, during winters keep drinking water regularly to avoid skin dehydration, dark circles, itching, and dry skin.

  1.       Wash Your Face with Lukewarm Water

Taking a hot shower during winter is so relaxing. However, it has a major drawback that is It makes your skin dry. To avoid this therefore it is better to use lukewarm water. You can also take a cold shower as it improves the circulation. 

  1.       Try Exfoliating

Exfoliating is needed not only during summers but also in winters. It is an efficient process of removing dead skin cells. When your skin becomes dull and dry then it’s because the dead skin cell clogged the essential oils within the skin. Therefore it is necessary to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells so that your skin keeps receiving essential oils and stays fresh and glowy even during winters.

  1.       Eat Healthy (Fats, Vitamins & Minerals)

Besides all of the tips mentioned above the main important tip that will give you healthy skin is a healthy eating habit. If you are eating junk food then it will badly affect your skin and you may face acne problems. Therefore eat fish and nuts for getting omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E that are helpful in improving the skin’s health. For getting vitamin C, start eating leafy green vegetables, kiwis, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, and papaya. All of these vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C which is helpful for increasing collagen production.

  1.       Do Exercise

Your skin is also affected by exercise. Exercise is helpful for improving the circulation in your body. In this way, your skin will get the nutrients and oxygen. Beside this exercise is also helpful for improving the immune system and keeping fit and healthy. 

  1.       Use Sunscreen

The sunscreen is not only to be used in summer however it will also protect your skin during winters. Take a sunbathe during winters as the sun is a rich source of vitamin D which is essential for healthy skin. However, too much sun exposure may result in dead skin cells. Therefore, keep the sunscreen with you whenever you go out during winters.

Summing Up

Maintaining the health of skin during winters is really challenging however it is not impossible. Therefore, use all of the above-mentioned tips for keeping your skin healthy in winters. You can also use vitamin supplements like fish supplements and vitamin C for this purpose. However it is advised that only use such supplements after consulting with a certified skin specialist and now because of the internet, you can also get online consultation in no time.