Get ITIL foundation certified for a solid IT career foundation


Get ITIL foundation certified for a solid IT career foundation

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides the best standards for the development of IT services using a structured approach to IT service manageme

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The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides the best standards for the development of IT services using a structured approach to IT service management (ITSM). In February 2019, Axelos modified the ITIL 4 to provide a stronger focus on maintaining flexibility, agility, and innovation in ITSM, while also promoting existing systems and networks. ITIL 4 was launched during the year, with the last elements introduced early in 2020.

ITIL certification is close to the head of almost any list, and for good reason, of IT certifications necessary. ITIL can help businesses manage risk as an IT management framework, develop cost-effective processes, strengthen customer relationships, and create a stable IT environment that allows scale, growth, and change.

Changes to the ITIL certification scheme were made with the transition to ITIL 4. ITIL 3 credentials will remain in place but all ITIL 4 certification standards have officially been rolled out as of 2020. Professionals now beginning or functioning with credentials at ITIL 3 Foundation level are advised to obtain the ITIL 4 credential. Although intermediate applicants can still fulfill their ITIL 3 certification, moving the ITIL 3 credits to the higher-level ITIL 4 certifications introduced earlier this year may be more sensible at this time.

ITIL 4 certification paths

The ITIL 4 certification scheme is identical to the previous scheme of ITIL 3 certification, but it has been simplified to offer two principal classification paths with a total of seven modules in between. From the Foundation level, you can progress to either Managing Specialist (MP) or Strategic Leader (SL) levels. You can end either path, or you’ll be able to receive the ITIL Master designation if you want to complete both paths.

ITIL Foundation Certification

Whatever certification course you commit to, first you will have to complete the module of the ITIL Foundation. This introductory examination includes the main principles and concepts of ITIL 4. It’s built to teach beginners the fundamentals of ITIL 4 as an entry-level certification and to ensure that even seasoned pros have the necessary understanding to step on to more advanced certifications.

The course of the ITIL Foundation certification is held over nearly two days in a classroom. You will take an exam at the end of the course which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The exam takes 1 hour and you’ll need to pass 26 correct answers. Courses are delivered by approved training organizations on the Axelos website you can check for one near you. Alternatively, you can also opt to self-study through Axelos or third-party providers’ practice tests and other research content available for learning.

ITIL Managing Professional (MP)

The ITIL MP credential is for IT professionals working all over the industry of digital and technological teams. It covers the information needed to use practical and technological skills to manage IT projects, workflows, and teams.

ITIL Strategic Leader (SL)

The ITIL SL certification is not only for IT activities but for all digitally activated services in the company. This credential focuses on how IT affects business strategy and advises that strategy. You’ll have to take two exam modules to gain your ITIL SL certification:

  • ITIL Strategist Direct Plan & Improve: it is the similar module that is offered in the MP credential, covering the skills required to build an IT organization “learning and developing”
  • ITIL Leader Digital & IT Strategy: You’ll learn how to combine business and IT strategy in the second module, and how to manage disruptive technologies.

ITIL Master

You can qualify for ITIL Master designation if you achieve all the modules needed for both the MP and SL credential pathways. For becoming an ITIL master you would need at least 5 years of working experience at management, leadership, or a level of higher management advisory in IT service management.

The ITIL master designation needs good experience in ITSM and comprehensive hands-on experience dealing with ITIL but for this designation, there is no training program or set syllabus. You will be assessed on an option circumstance so the content will be tailored to your experience. According to Axelos, the credential requires hands-on training, and you would have to “explain and demonstrate how you have personally chosen and implemented a variety of ITIL process expertise, concepts, techniques and methods, and support management strategies to achieve business goals and objectives.”

ITIL 3 certification compatibility

ITIL 4 is compatible with older to ITIL 3 — the modules used for the ITIL 3 certification scheme have also been given a credit score based on their ITIL quality standard so that they remain useful for your ITIL professional training. Every person with 17 or above credits, or applicants that have gained certification for ITIL expert under ITIL 3, will be entitled to the ITIL 4 transformation module. This framework is structured to quickly bring candidates up to full speed on the modifications to the newer version and set you on the track to gain the latest designation for ITIL Managing Professional (MP).

If you want to find a little more on how your ITIL 3 credentials are to be converted to the modified ITIL 4 certification scheme, Axelos is providing suggested routes in this role for candidates.

ITIL certification training

Depending on how well you know the subject, you can prepare for your ITIL 4 certification in some ways. If you are experienced with ITIL 4 and feel confident preparing yourself for the test, you can download materials for the study and the practice exams through the website of Axelos. Organizations may also choose to have ITIL coaches come in at the company to train employees to get the in-house certification.

If you are fresh to ITIL or need a refresher while you take the test, you can choose for an approved training provider that can be found on the Axelos website. A number of companies deliver both online and in-person training and courses. Companies offering self-paced instruction, online courses, hybrid classes, and flexible ways of learning include:

  1. QuickStart
  2. InfoSec Academy
  3. Good E-Learning
  4. Simplilearn
  5. ITSM Academy
  6. Beyond20
  7. Pink Elephant.