How different Drugs affect our body in different ways?


How different Drugs affect our body in different ways?

Drug abuse and addiction is a major problem faced by society as a whole. In addition to social harm, drugs cause serious physical disturbances in thei

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Drug abuse and addiction is a major problem faced by society as a whole. In addition to social harm, drugs cause serious physical disturbances in their users. Knowledge of the harmful effects caused by drugs on the individual’s health can help in the prevention of its use.

Suffering occurs when a person is conscious about using drugs, yet dependence is not “the use of vast quantities of narcotics.” Recent scientific study has demonstrated that drugs not only impinge on normal brain function, create pleasant emotions, but also have long-term impacts on brain metabolism and activity, and alteration in the brain can transform misuse into addiction at some time. Drug-suffering people have a compulsive craving and cannot leave drugs by themselves. To stop this compulsive behavior, treatment is necessary.

Recent studies have shown that addiction is clearly treatable. Treatment in rehabilitation centre in Thane can have a profound effect not only on drug users but also on society such as a decrease in crime and violence, reduction in the contamination of AIDS, car accidents, and other factors associated with drugs.


Cocaine is a drug with great potential to cause addiction. A person who tries cocaine cannot predict or control the extent of its use.

There are great risks in using cocaine regardless of how it is used, whether inhaled, injected, or smoked. It appears that compulsive cocaine use can develop even more quickly if the substance is smoked (in the form of the crack).


MDMA is a synthetic and psychoactive drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. It is also popularly known as ecstasy and love drug. Primarily used in nightclubs and raves, it is increasingly being used in various other social circles.

MDMA is usually taken in pill form, but some users use it by inhalation, injection, or suppository.


Heroin is a very famous drug that leads readily to dependence. It is made of morphine and is usually a white or brown powder.

Abuse of heroin is caused by severe physical issues, such as deadly overdose, errors of care and venous collapse, and infectious infections such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. The bad health of the consumer and the heroin-depressant effect on the breathing of lung issues, including various forms of pneumonia.


Inhalants are volatile chemicals that produce psychoactive effects. A variety of products used in the home and work environment contain substances that can be inhaled. Many people do not see products like spray paints, glues, and cleaning fluids as drugs because they never intended to use them to achieve an intoxicating effect, however children and teenagers have easy access to these products and are among the highest risk group of abuse of these extremely toxic substances. Parents should carefully monitor these products to prevent accidental inhalation by very young children.


The main active chemical compound in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and is responsible for the effects of marijuana on the nervous system. When a person smokes marijuana, THC quickly passes from the lungs into the blood, which carries it throughout the body, including the brain.

The professionals at Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai have to deal with the cases where people get addicted to these drug abuse and get in critical conditions.