How to Be Successful During A Virtual Semester?


How to Be Successful During A Virtual Semester?

The second round of COVID-19 infection is becoming more serious than the first one in many countries unexpectedly. Under this situation, many regions

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The second round of COVID-19 infection is becoming more serious than the first one in many countries unexpectedly. Under this situation, many regions and cities have to return back to the time earlier this year, when people need to quarantine at home and follow social distancing. Although it’s been a new semester, students still have to study at home for personal security and health. No matter in what way we study, there are still ways to be successful in a new term. In this review, we offer some helpful tips to assist you to make achievements during this new virtual semester.

  1. Boost Study Efficiency Online

Internet is the basic for students to initiate study online. So this part mainly introduces some tools that can help you to boost efficiency. Why? The development of technologies have brought lots of convenience to our lives, including many helpful and reliable software as well as programs. While studying at home, they are necessary for not only communication but also completing all kinds of academic tasks. Finding the right tools for yourself is so important because you will waste less time in doing meaningless tasks. There are several kinds of tools you can adopt for your in-home online study.

To-do (Asana, Monday, Wrike): These tools can help you list all the study missions you need to complete in a day and then follow one-by-one for checking all of them. It makes your day clearer and motivate you to complete them as soon as possible. Such tools can be a helpful assistant to avoid laziness.

Online meeting platform (Zoom, WebEx, Facebook Rooms): School lessons are moving to screen through all kinds of online meeting platforms, but students would also need such tools for arranging group discussions. So you can see which one is convenient to you for having online video calls and audio calls.

Screen recorder (RecordAnyVid, OBS Studio, QuickTime): Because lessons, lectures, and group communications are moving on screens now, so for not missing any important content students may need the help of a lightweight and convenient screen recorders for capturing the whole content, so that they can play back for more times at anytime and wherever they want to boost study efficiency.

Video Downloader (VideoHunter, Freemake, YTD): Internet has become a place where we can get all kinds of resources. For example, you can access to many different online tutorials on YouTube for learning knowledge. Under this situation, you need helpful video downloader to grasp these lessons for more convenient offline playback. So using a reliable and professional downloader can bring you great help.

  1. Pay Attention to Social Networking

During a virtual semester, the biggest change this year should be the fact that you may fail to meet your professors and classmates in person for having closer communications. We all need to keep social distancing before the coronavirus is totally under control. Although the distance between person and person stays further, we have to maintain our social networking for our future career success. 

Instead of hanging out and having group meetings, we can move our discussions online as well. Open a video chatting group on social media platforms and invite your classmates into the chat for having fun online is also a rational option. It can not only keep us safe but also maintain good relationship even through the Internet. Social networking is so important to our success and we should really not neglect it even we are keeping social distancing.

  1. Maintain Balance Between Study and Life

Having a well balance between life and work is a way to keep your study efficiency always stay at a high level even you are working from home. According to many scientific researches, it is not possible for human to keep a long-time concentration on only one task. Your ability to maintain focusing on studying may be slower time when you have spent much time and efforts in doing it consistently. 

So you’d better take some relaxing activities to get yourself out of the busy studying pattern for a while for regaining both energy and concentration. Remember that both healthy mind and body can keep us go further in our future careers!

  1. Seek for Help When You Need

When the things around us are changing as they used to be, we should always be calm and stable, then continue on doing what we need to do during this period. However, it is obvious that the changed environment has brought lots of influence to us, on both our mental and physical health. At this time, when it also comes to a new semester, you shouldn’t put much pressure on yourself and always remember the things that can make you happy. Stick to your goal and ignore the negative emotions around you can boost your success in a new semester.

But when you find it hard to overcome some negative feelings, you should seek for help for finding positive thoughts back. Talk to your friends, families, or professional doctors to solve the problems when you need it, and never be shy to ask for help.

As the new semester has started, let’s do our best to reach our own goals and make more achievements to light up our future careers! I am sure that everyone can win their own success after paying hard works and efforts since the start of the new term!