How to Design an Appealing Election Leaflet?


How to Design an Appealing Election Leaflet?

Do you know politicians and political parties also make use of leaflets for promoting their agenda for election? Leaflets, as previously assumed, are

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Do you know politicians and political parties also make use of leaflets for promoting their agenda for election? Leaflets, as previously assumed, are not limited to the promotion of products and services. A well designed and formatted leaflet can, in fact, help make a long-lasting impression on voters as well.

The designing and layout for an election leaflet but of course, has to be different from other leaflets crafted for marketing purposes. Let us look at some of the points that make an election leaflet outstanding.

  1. Specific Headlines: The headline of an election leaflet should be focused on a policy and be very specific. Using a general statement may not help win the attention of the voters or the public. Specific headlines, on the other hand, is more like to attract the readers as they would be interested in learning more about it. Here are some examples of specific election headlines, ‘Choose XYZ and pay less tax’ and ‘XYZ cares for your health’. Moreover, an election flyer, whether in bi fold leaflet format or z folds, should focus on one main point. Abstain from using multiple issues as they may confuse the reader.
  2. The Front Panel: When designing the layout of the folded leaflet printing for election purpose, ensure the front panel provides an immediate solution to a problem. It should be something the reader/voter interested in reading about. Suppose the election campaign aims to improve health care policies, the front panel should talk about how an overhaul of the policy would help the public.
  3. Candidate Photograph: For an appealing election leaflet, the photograph of the candidate should be short, showing head to shoulder. Abstain from using a full-body photograph as it will take more space. In case you have chosen to use bi fold leaflet, you may need to use the space wisely. VC Print is a provider of folded leaflet printing services you can get in touch with for customized option for the theme and layout of an election leaflet.
  4. Expression of the Candidate: The photograph of the candidate becomes the face of the leaflet or flyer. Therefore, it is important to use a photograph with the candidate standing confident and smiling. A welcoming and friendly face is sure to win hearts. The expression of the candidate should be humble, pleasant, and confidant.
  5. Content of Election Leaflet: The content of the election leaflet should be to the point. Since you are trying to win voters through the leaflet, you may have a lot of information to share. Use bullets where ever possible as you also have limited space. VC Print can help you draft the content of the leaflet to keep it short, attractive, and to the point.
  6. Personal Life: Abstain from going into details about the personal life of the candidate in the leaflet. You can tell if he is married or not. However, it is highly recommended to focus on his qualifications, achievements, and expertise.
  7. Date and Time of Election: Do mention the date and time of election as a call of action. Request the voters to be there are the poll centre and vote in your favour. Adding date, time, and venue can help the voters to reach the polling booth on time.
  8. Facts and Figures: When it comes to elections, fact and figures play a major role in winning voters. The public wants to know what you or your party has done. Leaflets can be used to aware the general public of your achievements.
  9. Pie Chart and Table: For showcasing statics and figures leaflet allows you to use a pie chart, table, and more. They are an attractive way to catch the attention of the user.
  10. Symbol or party slogan: Putting a party symbol or slogan can help the voters identify your party at the polling booth. You can add the symbol of the party at multiple places, such as the front panel and the back panel. However, don’t overuse the party slogan as it will be read repeatedly and may make the leaflet look boring.

To sum up, an election leaflet should be simple, to the point, and specific.