How to hack the YouTube algorithm

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How to hack the YouTube algorithm

Meta Description- Learn here the secrets of YouTube algorithm as we break down its working. Explore now how you can hack the YouTube algorithm. You

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Meta Description– Learn here the secrets of YouTube algorithm as we break down its working. Explore now how you can hack the YouTube algorithm.

Youtube is the most influential social networking and video distributing site. With 500 hours of content upload every minute, Youtube has an algorithm which picks the most relevant videos and rank them for user to see. 70% of a user’s time spent on the Youtubeisdirected and personalized by theYouTube algorithm.

To leverage YouTube algorithm hacks as successful marketing strategies and take advantages of the higher rankings, you need to understand YouTube algorithm first. Many Youtubers buy YouTube subscribers to rank high with Youtube algorithm. Here are nine ways to increase your organic reach on YouTube.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

YouTube algorithm mranks a video in search pages on three main factors: relevance, engagement, and quality.

  • Relevance– To target relevance, YouTube algorithm investigates the right combination of title, description, tags, and content with a customized search query.
  • Engagement– Engagement masses the number of likes, comments and shares from users, including watch time, session time, and regularity.
  • Quality– A 1080p or 720p video is ranked higher than a 360p or 480p one by YouTube algorithm. The quality metric is based on a channel’s ability to establish trustable authority.

In addition to these three metrics, YouTube’s algorithm 2021 rely on a user’s past views and a video-specific allocated score, a channel that has originality, innovation and regularitywith uploads, among other qualities.This amalgamation of statistics allows YouTube algorithm to recommend videos that intersects viewer’s demand, interests, and preference.

These videos are represented in six positions on the YouTube platform:

  • Search results
  • Recommended and related Streams 
  • Notifications
  • Channel Subscriptions
  • Trending Streams
  • And on YouTube Home Page

How does YouTube algorithm resolve which videos are “Good”?

The YouTube algorithm looks for three precise metrics that any YouTuber can see through the Youtube Analytics. These metrics are:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Watch Time
  • Audience Retention

Youtubers need to maximize each of these statistics, to improve their likelihoods of reaching a viral moment. YouTube algorithm considers video content as “good” and actually sharable if it averages over 4 minutes of Watch Time, has a Click Through Rate Higher than 10%, and more than 50% Retention.

How to increase Retention

Making viewers watch your video till end may seem hard but it can become easier to hook your audience, if you

  1. Start with a Hook- Play with the human psychology to know more and tease how the video will end. You can pose a question that you plan to answer via your video.
  2. Video transcription– Transcripts allow users who love to read to stay at your creation.Closed captions not only aid those with approachability needs, but allows users to watch videos in silence.
  3. Fire eagerness– Remind viewers about the reward at the end of the video and “tease” that the best is yet to come.
  4. Use story-telling power– To rank high with YouTube algorithm 2021 you must keep retention high. Your video can portrait a kind of story that users would want to hear. 

How to Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)

Even the best story outlining and quality videos fails if they don’t attain required clicks. Increasing your CTR necessitates just as much strategy as building the video content itself. Two aspects play into taking benefits of both human mindset and the YouTube algorithm: Optimized Metadata and an Optimized Thumbnail.

Optimizing Metadata

  • Create relevant, captivating and intriguing title- Titles need to be short, clear, punchy, concise, alluring, intriguing and under 50 characters or less. Make sure it your title includes keywords, in starting.
  • Tag similar videos- Include the keywords in your tags that help the YouTube algorithm to assort your content. Tags help Youtube algorithm to group your content with similar content so it can be found easier by target audience who share same interests. 
  • Include irresistible description- Provide useful information about what your channel is about in 5,000 characters. Digital marketing strategists recommend using as much of this space as you can, the first line is the most important. You can leverage this space to include long-tail keywords too.

Optimizing thumbnail

  • Formulate compelling thumbnails- Thumbnails are the reduced size version of still images which works wonder to boost your CTR. It is teaser image that encourages your video. Your thumbnail should always be custom, as 90% of successful videos have custom thumbnail. They must be eye-catchy, super clickable, non-blurry.

YouTube algorithm best practices

Increase your organic reach by leveraging YouTube algorithm best practices:

  • Make a killer Youtube SEO strategy-Optimize your videos by including powerful keywords in the title, description, playlist description and tags to rank higher with YouTube algorithm. You canfind keywords by researching tools like Google Adwords keyword planner, Google trends, Youtube search suggestions, Ubersuggest or other paid SEO tools to make sure you’re stating terms users are looking for. So, grab user attention and increase your video’s search visibility now.
  • Hack the recommendation engine (YouTube algorithm)-YouTube wants material evidence to base the recommendations on and there’s no data without people watching your videos. You must promote your Youtube channel by-
  • Sending new creations to your email list
  • Collaborating with the mediaand influencers in your niche
  • Cross promoting your content on social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Inspire binge-watching on your channel– You can also increase watch time at the channel-level by using strategies involving video consumption and consistency.
  • Consistency is the key when it comes to promote and grow a Youtube channel. Youtube algorithm promotes the channels higher who maintain a regular production in video uploading.
  • Leverage YouTube interactive cards and end screens to link recommend or related videos 
  • Organize your similar content videos in themed playlists to multiply your watch time. YouTube algorithm ranks channel higher with several playlists. This mechanism makes sure that the next video the user watches is always one of yours.
  • To direct your audience, use watermarks, which can be clicked and linked to your next video, ensuring continued viewing of your channel.  
  • Leverage YouTube Analytics– Make out the shortcomings and what isn’t working, and which video is undisputedly the more influential and engaging one. By recognizing what isn’t working, you can try new innovations and stra9 8tegies to develop your content, work harder to pleasure your audience and improve your reach through different methods.By studying YouTube analytics, you can know the performance of your videos and demographics of your target audience, permitting you to craft your creation process to meet the consumer behaviour.


YouTube algorithm promotes videos and channels which represent entertaining, educating, demonstrating, trending, unique, intriguing and quality content consistently with promotion via e-mail marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing and promoting content via websites like Quora and Reddit.

Pro tips

  1. A reactive channel ranks better than the channels that do not interact with the viewers. Start replying to the comments, heart all the positive comments, ignore the negative ones and take feedback from your audience so that the viewer engagement increases. This importantly assists in improving your YouTube ranking with YouTube algorithm.
  2. The most important one is; never copy the videos of other channels. Identical content is dejected by the YouTube algorithm. If the original channel reported you, your channel could be suspended or shut down by YouTube.

YouTube, is the best video sharing, marketing and discovering platform, to rank your videos higher by YouTube algorithm,
never violate YouTube policies or your videos will be deleted by YouTube.

So, consider the tips about YouTube’s algorithms to promote your channel and improve your rankings. Feel free to share!