How to manage breast pain?


How to manage breast pain?

Pain, in itself, highlights that something is wrong with our bodies internally. Irrespective of its location and severity, pain is a cause of concern.

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Pain, in itself, highlights that something is wrong with our bodies internally. Irrespective of its location and severity, pain is a cause of concern. Nevertheless, this concern elaborates when we feel pain in a sensitive body organ such as breasts. Breast pain, however, can be managed effectively. In this article, Dr Rohan Khandelwal, the best breast specialist in Gurgaon, offers measures to deal with breast pain. 

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It is essential to understand the probable causes of breast pain before we talk about the various ways of managing it.

What are the common reasons for breast pain?

There are numerous reasons for breast pain in women, both cyclic and non-cyclic. Some of the common causes include:

  • Large breasts: Women with large breasts would often feel painful. It is because breasts that are bigger in size pull on the ligaments that spread a feeling of pain and discomfort. 
  • Change in hormones: Each month, a woman experiences a shift in reproductive hormones. The changing levels of estrogen and progesterone can lead to breast tenderness and pain. 
  • Medication use: Breast pain can also be caused as a side-effect of certain medications. 
  • Breast injury or trauma: A breast injury resulted from several reasons such as accident can also cause pain. 
  • Surgery: If you have had surgery on or near your breasts, you are likely to experience pain until you have fully recovered. 
  • Smoking: Smoking is injurious to all aspects of your health inclusive of breasts. Smoking cigarettes can increase the sensation of pain in your breasts due to high levels of epinephrine.
  • Chest wall pain: Sometimes pain or injury in your chest wall (that protects your breasts) can be a triggering factor for breast pain. 
  • Unsupportive bra: An extremely tight or loose bra is another reason why you may feel breast pain. 
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, you are likely to experience a transition in your hormones. This shift can also cause your breasts to become tend and feel pain.  
  • Fatty acid imbalance: An acid imbalance in your digestive system can lead to breast pain. 
  • Cardiovascular diseases: A range of cardiac diseases can increase pain in your breasts. 

Consult Dr Rohan Khandelwal, a leading breast specialist in Gurgaon to figure out your personal cause of breast pain and related issues. 

How to deal with breast pain?

The management of breast pain largely depends upon its cause. You should first aim to identify the reason behind your problem. You should, then, work with your healthcare provider to treat the root cause that will ultimately offer permanent relief to breast pain. 

Here are some expert-approved ways to deal with breast pain:

Healthy diet – Eat a high-fibre and low-sodium diet to avoid indigestion and acid imbalance. You should control the intake of salt in your meals. 

Regular exercise – Moderate exercising most days of the week can help in regulating blood pressure levels. You can avoid cardiovascular diseases by regular physical activity and thus avoid breast pain. 

Wear supportive bra – You should make sure to wear a rightly fitted bra that provides proper support to your breasts. 

Avoid caffeine – An excessive consumption of caffeine can escalate sensations of pain in the breasts. This is a crucial step if you have had breast surgery or experienced an injury recently. 

Quit smoking – You can avoid your chances of developing a wide range of health conditions by quitting smoking. Studies have shown that breast pain had reduced largely in women who stopped smoking. 

Take vitamin E – Vitamin E is helpful in the management of breast pain. However, before taking any supplements, you should discuss your health condition with your doctor.

Pain relief medicines – Your healthcare provider will offer you relevant pain relief medications based on your medical situation and history of the disease.

You can visit Dr Rohan Khandelwal, the best breast specialist in Gurgaon to learn more tips for breast pain management.