Important Guidelines for Selling a Used Car at a Fair Price


Important Guidelines for Selling a Used Car at a Fair Price

Selling a used car can be a complicated process for inexperienced car sellers as they are not familiar with the best practices that they must follow.

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Selling a used car can be a complicated process for inexperienced car sellers as they are not familiar with the best practices that they must follow. There are several factors that car sellers must keep in mind when preparing for the car selling process. When car sellers are aware of such factors, they will be able to sell the used car at a fair price. Some of the factors that they must consider include the resale value of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, the paperwork required, and the platform that can be used to sell the vehicle. When car sellers consider these essential factors, they will be able to sell the vehicle hassle-free and get the best value for it.

The used car market in the UAE is vast giving car sellers a variety of options for selling a used car. Some common platforms include online classifieds, car dealerships, and specialist car buying companies. Car sellers must conduct proper research and determine which of these platforms will be ideal for selling their used car. Choosing the right platform after conducting research and detailed comparison will help car sellers get the best value for their vehicles.

Given below are some essential guidelines that can help car sellers undertake a seamless car selling process and get the best value for their vehicle.

Determining Car’s Resale Value through Professional Evaluation

Once car sellers have decided to sell their vehicles, they will need to estimate the resale price of the car. Pricing the vehicle is an important aspect of the car selling process and inexperienced car sellers often make a mistake in doing so. As inexperienced car sellers lack knowledge about the automotive industry and the ongoing market trends, they may overestimate the potential of their vehicles. An inaccurate estimation is a massive risk that car sellers must try to avoid. Otherwise, an exaggerated value can cause delays in finding the right buyer and in some cases increase the risk of scams.

Many car sellers decide to compare prices of similar cars that are listed on a classified website. Price comparison is not a practical approach as the prices mentioned on classifieds usually reflect the expectations of car owners. The mentioned prices do not reflect the actual price of the used vehicle in the market. Similarly, car sellers who choose car dealerships, are likely to be provided with a low resale price. Car dealerships are experts who aim to benefit the most from every car deal. In addition, some car dealerships also maintain brand exclusivity, so, if your car does not belong to the brands that they deal in, car dealerships will refuse to pride an estimate.

To get an accurate estimate of the vehicle’s residual value, car sellers can consult with an automotive expert or choose a professional platform such as a specialist car buying company. With a specialist car buying company, the car’s value can be estimated through a car valuation tool. This tool is designed to estimate the market price of the used car in just a few seconds. Car sellers can find the car valuation tool on the website of the specialist car buying company. Once they enter some important details about their used car such as the brand, age, and mileage, the valuation tool will provide an estimate. This estimate can be considered as the initial price of the vehicle. For the final price, car sellers can continue with the specialist car buying company’s car valuation process which will entail a physical inspection.

The Condition of the Used Car

Car sellers need to realistically assess the condition of the used car and determine the repairs and maintenance that are required to improve its condition. The way the car looks and feels to an interested buyer will influence their decision about purchasing it. In addition, some minor fixes after a thorough inspection can help increase the resale price of the vehicle. A thorough inspection by an expert mechanic can help car sellers determine the low-cost repairs that will add value. Expensive repairs, on the other hand, can be skipped as they will only add a financial burden. The cost of such repairs will not be covered by the resale of the vehicle. Therefore, all repairs that exceed the residual value of the vehicle can be skipped. Car sellers should also make sure that the vehicle is properly cleaned and washed before it is shown to an interested buyer. In this way, car sellers can make sure that the vehicle looks attractive from all angles and car buyers go through with the purchase.

Car sellers must also check if they have all the genuine documents of the vehicle so that they do not face any difficulty while selling. Car buyers will be interested in checking all relevant paperwork including car finance documents, registration, insurance documents, and service history. With complete paperwork, car sellers will be able to instill confidence and trust in car buyers. They will be able to sell the used car conveniently without facing delays.

Best Platform for Selling Used Cars

Preparing the vehicle and estimating its value are two prerequisites of selling a used car. However, deciding the platform for selling a used car is extremely essential. Car sellers who choose classified can face difficulty while pricing the vehicle. Moreover, the platform does not have safety protocols to authenticate the identity of the users. Therefore, car sellers are at risk of a financial loss or getting scammed.

Selling through car dealerships can also be challenging for inexperienced car sellers as car dealers can easily trick them into accepting a low price. Car dealers have years of experience so they can negotiate better and also convince car sellers to accept car deals such as trade-is. A trade-in is a single transaction in which the used car is sold to the car dealership and a new vehicle is purchased from the same dealership. The car dealership may offer a discount on the new vehicle, but car sellers must consider that the offered price for the used car will likely be lower than the market value. If they buy and sell separately, they will be able to benefit from both.

The ideal way for selling a used car is through a specialist car buying company. Car sellers can undertake the online car valuation and then book an appointment for a car inspection. The vehicle is inspected by trained automotive experts at a specialist car buying company. After the inspection, the company provides a final price for the vehicle along with a guaranteed purchase. Car sellers who accept the offer can sign a sales agreement and receive the payment through an electronic bank transfer. In this way, car sellers can get the best price for their used cars with minimum hassle.