Is Work Experience Necessary to Pursue an MBA Degree?


Is Work Experience Necessary to Pursue an MBA Degree?

While most universities do require candidates to have a few years of work experience when they apply for an MBA degree, there are many universities th

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While most universities do require candidates to have a few years of work experience when they apply for an MBA degree, there are many universities that accept applications and admit students with no work experience as well. This is however not an easy task since the MBA program is designed for individuals who have several years of full time work experience. Their work experience provides them with enhanced knowledge of the business world. In addition to this, these candidates will have practical experience of handling real time scenarios at work. This would equip them with the necessary skills to understand all the concepts which are usually part of the MBA program curriculum.

This is why you may have a problem applying for an MBA degree without any work experience; however, this problem can be sorted out with a Deferred MBA option that is provided by some universities.

What is Deferred MBA?

Deferred MBA provides you a chance to pursue an MBA degree without any work experience. Basically the Deferred program means you will attempt the GMAT during your final or pre final year of graduation. You will have to immediately send in your applications and if you are selected you will be offered an admission at the university for an MBA program which commences a few years later. You can use this period to improve your profile and gain the necessary exposure required for the MBA degree.

There are many colleges in the US that accept applications for Deferred MBA or MBA programs without work experience. We have listed some of the popular universities in the US here.

  • Harvard Business school
  • Columbia Business School
  • Darden School of Business
  • YLP program at ISB
  • Yale School of Management
  • Chicago Booth Scholars
  • Wharton university

If you want to get into these universities, then you will need to start preparing for various other things besides the GMAT exam. These include planning your travel, accomodation at the university campus, checking your finances, expenses and most importantly, preparing for your MBA interview. Your interview is crucial as it will determine your entry into the USA. And, since these interviews can be nerve-racking, we suggest you take an US F1 visa mock interview. Doing so will familiarise you with the interview process. It will give you an idea of how a typical MBA interview is conducted. You must be prepared to explain about your background, your reasons for travel, your financial status, your plans once you complete your degree, and more.

But remember, a few years of work experience is always preferred by these universities.

Besides the US, there are many other universities in Germany, Sweden, UK and France  that don’t require any work experience. Let us look at some of the top universities in these countries below.


Germany offers quality education and state of the art facilities. The tuition fees at the B-schools in Germany are comparatively lesser and attract a lot of prospective students. Let us now look at some of the Top MBA colleges in Germany without work experience.

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • University of Kiel
  • University of Stuttgart
  • Dresden University of technology
  • University of Tubingen
  • University of Ulm


Most universities in the UK require candidates to have a few years of experience to be able to pursue an MBA degree. However, a few B-schools offer General MBA programs to candidates without any work experience as well. Some of the colleges are as follows :

  • Coventry University
  • University of West London
  • University of Northampton


The Stockholm school of Economics provides admissions to candidates who have just completed their bachelors degree. Candidates who have no work experience and are in their final year can also apply.


A few of the colleges that offer MBA degree without work experience at Australia are :

  • Monash University-Graduate School of Business
  • Melbourne Business School-University of Melbourne
  • La Trobe University
  • Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT

While many colleges as we have stated above lets you pursue an MBA degree without work experience, it’s always better to have some as it increases your chances of getting accepted into the program.

Good Luck!