Know How to Propose To Your Man In The Perfect Way


Know How to Propose To Your Man In The Perfect Way

We as women have always been told to wait for the right man and for him to make the first move. Making the first decision has never been our cup of te

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We as women have always been told to wait for the right man and for him to make the first move. Making the first decision has never been our cup of tea for reasons unknown. Times have now changed and women are growing with it, there stands no dominance of one over the other. And we are strongly and constantly thinking to move forward to equality. It’s not fair to ask men for everything now from proposal to daily bread. And in that direction, there are some amendments to be made. 

Waiting for you man to make the first moment for instance is first. How long do you think, you will wait for him to search for the right words, find the right ring, location, setting, and everything. And isn’t this a fact that women are better at surprises and heartwarming things than men, then who decided to give this responsibility to men anyway? Well, this while don’t listen to what society has to say to you, listen to your heart and propose to your charming hero. 

But how exactly will you do that? Well with quite ease as we have very heartwarming and meaningful gestures and activities you can express and do to lure him to say yes. 

  • Plan a surprise trip

Rent a car, book the required transport and hotel, span out the complete itinerary and ask your guy to pack his bags. Don’t tell him the purpose or the destination, let them wonder. But not even in his wildest dreams will he be able to imagine that you are about to propose to him. 

  • Decorate the room

As you reach the destination and embark towards the hotel, inform the staff to decorate the room with flowers and scent. Don’t just give away the aim right now but still give him an idea that it isn’t just a regular trip but something special is on the way. 

  • Plan a game of hints

Give me a series of clues to solve that will lead him to where the ultimate surprise lies. Don’t reveal anything through text on the envelope or the cue cards. You can also add a few pictures to it on the backside of the card or just in the envelope. 

  •  Take him to the destination

Actually no, you won’t need to take him to the destination, he will do that with the cues. Draft them out very carefully and with the help of your friends and people in the hotel. Make sure he reaches the right destination. And don’t keep the hints too tough that you reach the wrong place. 

  • Decorate the destination

As you reach there, have the place decorated already with a similar theme just like the one from the hotel. Try to book the entire place or have a secluded section for yourself so that you can get complete privacy and can say what your heart feels. 

  • Order food 

Let him order his favorite instruct the waiter to put the paper with the big question somewhere in his dish. Either in a cupcake or rice. p the question to him as he figures it out from his food, kneel him most sincerely. 

  • Order the cake

This step is after he says yes, which he probably will because you are two love birds in the most honest love story ever. Make an online cake delivery in Amritsar with a designer cake that says everything for you. You may also pick a photo cake with your picture on it. You could also get it with a message that you know will reach him. 

  • Invite your families

Now that he has said yes you are an unbreakable family and it’s time to call all your friends and family. Invite his parents and yours and celebrate with them. Have a mini celebration with lots of food and laughter as you celebrate the togetherness of the new couple forever. 

Do you like the idea of proposing to your guy before he proposes to you? You know you can do it better than him then why don’t you startle him and everyone else too. Prepare for the most magical and peaceful, yes-affirming marriage proposal ever with these confirmed ideas.