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It is common for most women to hunt for the most appealing outfit before an important occasion to make an impression and appear stylish. Some may c

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It is common for most women to hunt for the most appealing outfit before an important occasion to make an impression and appear stylish.

Some may choose to scan their closets while others take the liberty to simply head out and shop for anything that they think will make them look classy.

Whatever you choose to do, the fashion trends for the year 2020 swear by the ethos “less is more”. This holds true not only for the running year but choosing to dress up in minimalistic outfits have been endorsed by various designers.

However, having a minimalistic sense of style does not mean that you dress up boring and conventionally. You can choose from your favorite fashion pieces and mix and match to create a perfectly stylish minimalistic look for the occasion.

Looking outrageously classy in your minimalistic attire will save you a lot of time, giving you a timeless look that is not overly embellished.

Creating a stylish minimalistic look has more to do with how you pair up the existing pieces in your wardrobe than out rightly buying new pieces. Doing so, you can still express yourself in your clothing without indulging in extravagance.

Follow these clever style ideas to look effortlessly chic without making clothing decisions complicated.

  • Keep your sunnies on

In this scorching summer heat, sunglasses are your best friends. Not only do they keep you protected, but by just putting on the perfect pair of sunnies, you certainly take your look to the next level.

The best part is with a pair of sunglasses you will never look overly done rather it saves times and makes others believe that you have spared enough time to create the desired look.

  • Leather jacket over any and everything

This is a must-have fashion item in your wardrobe.

Even if you are dressed up in the most casual denim and shirt, tugging a mens leather jacket will up your style game like nothing else.

There is nothing more minimal than a leather jacket doing the job for you; making you look stylish and classy no matter what the occasion.

Wear it to a night out with your girls or to a dinner date, as long as you carry your minimalistic look confidently, you will look your best.

  • Make blue jeans your best buddy

There is nothing more versatile than the perfect colored and tailored jeans.

You may want to style it with an off-shoulder, single-colored top or just a t-shirt, either way, good quality denim makes you look super cool and smart in the most minimalist way.

There are a plethora of jeans designs and shades available in the stores. You can choose your favorite from many others, but you must own a pair of straight-fit, classic blue denim.

  • Solid colored jumpsuits will make you stand out

Do you want to stand out in a crowd full of extravagantly dressed up people?

All you need to do is throw a solid colored jumpsuit, red, white, or black, and define your style quotient in a new way.

Dressing up in a single color jumpsuit will make you noticeable and make a statement without overdosing on accessories or dragging ruffles and flair along.

That is what you may call playing smart!

  • Belt your dress

If your plain solid colored dress looks boring to you, then add a belt to your attire and give it a new look.

Adding a belt will not only accentuate your waistline, giving your dress a formal yet sophisticated look, but it will also add charisma to your simple plain dress, making heads turn wherever you go.

So if you think your plain white dress is too boring to carry, then add a bold black belt to it to define your curves in the most elegant way.

  • A classic watch to complete your look

No outfit looks complete without a piece of accessory on the wrist. What could be a better accessory than a timeless piece of the classic watch?

To create a minimalistic look, ditch your hand bracelets for that perfect watch. You may feel a tad bit lighter and ultra-fashionable at the same time.

You may choose to wear a plain strap watch or a chain watch. If you want to create a slightly intricate look, then you may opt for a fancy watch to make up for the bracelet you have been missing.

  • Distinctive cardigans to maintain your style

Get your hands on the new styles of knit necklines that will refresh your appearance and make you look well-dressed.

You can choose from single colored sweaters and cropped tops to a variety of cardigans to keep your style statement intact.

Pair it simply with denim jeans or a midi skirt whatever your style preference is. Being a minimalist does not have to mean you wear plain boring outfits without expressing your true personality.

Make sure you express your personality the way you want by keeping it hassle-free and simple!

Pattern and prints 

Dressing up minimal does not prohibit you from wearing prints!

You can wear all the prints you want, from floral to abstracts, anything that you prefer. You can wear stripes, plains, or polka dot prints on your dress as long as you keep it simple.

You can still look minimally dressed by just blending the prints with solid colored shoes and bags, creating a perfect balance.

Simple patterns and prints may help you create a neat and personalized style keeping your color coordination in check.

  • Statement jewelry for the finishing touch

Too much jewelry does spoil the minimal look you have been trying to create, but wearing that one piece of statement necklace or earrings on your plain outfit will amp up your style quotient.

Statement pieces of jewelry are mostly adorned on a formal occasion like an engagement or wedding ceremony. You don’t want to overdo but still look rightly dressed for the occasion.

For this reason, a single piece of statement jewelry will define your look further while keeping your minimal look intact.

  • Sober handbags will do the trick

Do not go overboard with bags!

This is an important piece of advice because women get tempted to pair their clothes with perfect matching bags.

Remember less is more!

Carry it however you want, but keep your bags artless and in neutral tones like browns and greys. Even if you are carrying a black or white tote, make sure you keep it simple, and it goes with the entire look you have been wanting to create.

Carrying bold colored bags with solid colored dresses might not give you the minimalistic look you have been aiming for.

Choose your accessories wisely!

Everything white

Summer days and scorching heat calls for the all-white outfit. This is the best way to beat the heat.

An oversized white palazzo pant or a white jumpsuit dress is a great choice for not only summers but for all seasons.

You can easily pair up white clothes or dress with neutral colored add-ons to create a perfect minimal look.

Oversized coat for formal gatherings

You can pull an outrageously stylish look by wearing neutral colors. Not only do they make you look formal, but let your own skin color take a front seat, making you look sharp and neat.

You can always opt for shades other than black and whites. You may love to try pastel pinks, baby blue, or much warmer shades such as olive-green and cream color to make it less mundane.

Also, if you are big on accessories, then so be it!

You don’t necessarily have to skip them to look classy. Throw a thin bracelet on your wrist or a delicate ring on your finger to add a finishing touch to your minimalist look.

Parting Thoughts

Minimalistic fashionistas have a great sense of style that is subtle but grabs attention. Every piece is timeless, but it creates an ever-lasting impression.

Look stylish without much effort and dress up in the most minimalist and elegant manner.