Mobile SIM cards and issues

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Mobile SIM cards and issues

The confusion over mobile SIM cards is not a new one. ("I am an old-fashioned mobile SIM card: what's going to happen?") to explain to readers what an

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The confusion over mobile SIM cards is not a new one. (“I am an old-fashioned mobile SIM card: what’s going to happen?”) to explain to readers what an old-fashioned mobile SIM card is.

It was then estimated that there were 150,0000+ such cards issued.

This article seems to have been more widely published this week by reason of the large number of complaints about them.

Many readers, including myself, queried why our family plans should be charged for an expiry date on our current SIM card rather than a new one with a different expiry date. There seems to be little to gain from the purchase of a new SIM card rather than simply purchasing a new plan.

You have stated that you spoke to a source at Telecom Eireann and were assured that there would be no price rise in line with a price increase in some of the contracts of unlimited monthly data usage, but who is right?

The answer is that no-one is right

My brother bought a new SIM card last week for his existing plan. Telecom Eireann informed him that the contract was not up and that there would be no increase on his plan (which had no data usage to speak of anyway).

Further, this is the humble thing that you have more than one SIM card and don’t know what is the number of this SIM that you have is. In my case, I have Zong and Jazz network SIM and know about my Zong and Jazz SIM number. more than I have also know how to check Zong balance and Jazz Balance quires.

In response to your query of April 18th, Telecom Eireann’s response was, “There are no planned price increases of any kind at present.

“This the very long term future, Telecom Eireann is looking at the potential need for some of our plans to reduce their current cap of usage.

“Our customers would then have to look at the cost of adding more devices to their plan to cover the increase in usage. At present, this is not something we are planning to do.”

Some reports have stated that if you have an expiry date on your SIM card that you would no longer be able to take your existing plan to another network, but that it should continue to operate.

However, Telecom Eireann stated that it has no obligation to do so.

This has led some people to think that it is either illegal or immoral to make customers pay for an expiry date on an old SIM card.

However, is it illegal for people to break the law?

The Irish Constitution has a small provision that is to be taken as holding true. It says that all persons are equal before the law and that every person has the right to a fair trial.

This provision is not intended to prevent criminal activity, but instead to enable courts to adjudicate fairly on cases and to punish those who do not comply.

What is the problem here?

The Irish constitution is not there to regulate the operation of private companies.

Would you like to pay an old person a wage that would give them a pension for the rest of their lives? It would be a fair payment in an economic system that is working well.

However, it is not a right. Rather, it is only a matter of income distribution.

Similarly, an expiry date on a SIM card is a matter of income distribution and would be fair.

A sensible and fair society would recognize that.

It is up to the relevant authorities to take the appropriate measures and consider whether the current rate of mobile contract prices is consistent with the needs of the economy and the need for fairness.

If not, a general price increase is a step that should be considered.

The problem is that it is probably a step that would attract a high level of public opinion, and is a step that would require public support and approval.

As we do not have a government in office, and cannot force it to do so, we must allow the free market to decide.

This is the conclusion we have arrived at in considering the above questions and arguments.