Seeds or clones? Which one is better for growing Cannabis?


Seeds or clones? Which one is better for growing Cannabis?

If you are considering growing your own Cannabis, you have two options: Clones and Seeds. While seeds are reliable, easy, and accessible, clones are f

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If you are considering growing your own Cannabis, you have two options: Clones and Seeds. While seeds are reliable, easy, and accessible, clones are fast, efficient, and possess the same qualities as the mother plant. However, both methods are excellent, and both have a few downsides.

In this post, we are comparing both so that you can make an informed decision.

Growing Cannabis from seeds

The internet has made sourcing things a lot easier than before now. Nowadays, you can easily order weed delivery service in dc or anywhere and start growing. They will send discreetly packed packages to your doorstep to ensure no harm is done to the seeds during delivery.

In most European countries, you can buy seeds legally. Plants from seeds are known to grow a taproot. This taproot on plants grown from seed acts as an extension of the stem and holds it securely. One of the best advantages of having a taproot is its ability to dig deep into the soil and reach water even when it is not readily available.  You can get more detailed information about seeds and clones at the following website, and

The taproot grows lateral branches along its length, providing the plant with a network of roots that occupy a larger area. It leads to allowing more roots to grow in different soil layers to enable the plant to obtain more water and nutrients to support its growth. The taproot is not a big deal when doing indoor or container gardening.

Moreover, Seeds are easy to store for a long time and are easy to transport. Eighty percent of seeds can still germinate after five years of storage. They also are free from pests and disease. Many vendors offer 24 Hour Delivery Marijuana DC from where you can buy seeds and start growing as quickly as possible.

The only disadvantage with seeds is that Cannabis has both male and female plants, so identifying sex is necessary. This process can be complicated, and misidentifying the sex of a plant can result in the unwanted pollination of the crop. Since male plants need to be identified and discarded, it can leave you with fewer plants than expected.

Growing Cannabis from clones

Clones are taken from the female plants to so they are guaranteed to produce female plants. You don’t need to identify the sex of the plant and discard male plants. Another excellent characteristic of clones is that they are identical to their mother plant and have no genetic variation.

They can quickly grow into female plants and can be re-cloned. It is one of the significant reasons why most growers prefer clones when it comes to choosing between Clones and Seeds in DC. Clones deliver precisely what you like about the mother plant. Being the exact genetic copies of their mother plant, they’ll carry over all of the mother’s characteristics, including taste, morphology, size, and even productivity. Seeds slightly differ from the plants they came from due to genetic and environmental factors.

The disadvantage of clones is that they are often hard to find, especially in seed banks. But you can always source them online. There are many online delivery services that offer 24 Hour Delivery Marijuana DC. You may like to consider them.


Both seeds and clones have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The best way to grow your crops is to use a combination of both seeds and clones. This way, you can grow more plants with excellent characteristics. Besides, it will also help you understand which one you find more comfortable growing. So what are you waiting for? The whole internet is waiting for you to order the best quality Clones and Seeds in DC at a reasonable price.

We recommend buying your clones and seeds from a legitimate source to ensure you get the value of money you are paying. The best way to ensure that your source is reliable is by checking if they are licensed. One cannot just sell cannabis seeds and clones without permission from the state. So thorough research is required. After all, a good quality product is always worth a little research.