The 5 most common mistakes we all make in makeup


The 5 most common mistakes we all make in makeup

Makeup has its own dos & dont's, which we need to follow every time we use it, in order to give us the result that promises and that we expect.

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Makeup has its own dos & dont’s, which we need to follow every time we use it, in order to give us the result that promises and that we expect.

So, if you are a beginner in makeup or if you are not happy with the result of your makeup, all you have to do is follow the advice of experts who will make the process much easier, in order to enrich your knowledge about application techniques.

What are the 5 most common mistakes that makeup experts have found that most women make in their makeup and how can we avoid them?

# 1 You do not properly prepare your skin

Even if you have the most caring makeup in your handbag, it is wrong to apply it before you have properly cared for your face. Cleansing, toning and hydration are the basic steps that must necessarily precede the base, whether you choose light or full coverage. Otherwise, it is mathematically certain that the result you will see in your mirror will be far from perfect – and the product will not be “responsible” for it.

It is no coincidence that the first thing that all makeup artists do without exception, before starting makeup, is to prepare the skin, as a properly hydrated face is automatically the ideal canvas for makeup.

# 2 Exaggerate with makeup

Perfect coverage, as experts explain, is not a matter of product quantity but technique. The role of makeup is to camouflage imperfections and highlight the beauty of the skin in a natural way, not to sit on the face like a mask – and, fortunately, the compositions are now so sophisticated that they can offer this result, as long as you know the way.

Who is this;

Start with a small amount of product and repeat the application only on the areas that need extra coverage, always making sure to do good blending which is the secret for a completely natural coverage result.

# 3 Wear the wrong concealer shade

In the same, important chapter of makeup called “base”, experts point out another common mistake: the shade of concealer we use. We all, of course, want a bright look, without dark circles and signs of fatigue, but the only sure thing is that this result will not give us a concealer much lighter than the natural tone of our skin – the opposite, in fact: this is one of the most common mistakes in kashees makeup price, which creates the so-called “panda eyes” effect, ie this light-colored “mask” around the eyes that catches the eye, but for the wrong reason.

Expert advice: make sure that the concealer you put in your kit is half or at most one tone lighter than your skin and carefully choose its texture – the goal is for the concealer to become one with the skin around the eyes , not to “gather” in fine lines and wrinkles, creating this unwanted cakey effect.

If you have a severe problem with dark circles, a color concealer -aka corrector- is the necessary first step to neutralize them visually, before continuing with your concealer.

# 4 Skip the blush (or choose the wrong shade)

It may not be the most talked about makeup product, but blush makes the difference in the final result of your look. If in your hurry to save time, skip the blush, think again: makeup experts emphasize that without the blush the face usually looks dull while on the contrary, an airy layer can immediately enliven the skin, making it look fresher and youthful.

Attention to the shade: what is required with the blush is not to “write” on the face as two stripes of color along the cheekbones. Choose a natural, rose shade, as close as possible to the one your cheeks take when you laugh, and apply it with good blending, so that it becomes one with your skin.

# 5 You do not apply the bronzer correctly

No toiletry bag is complete without bronzer, this wonderful makeup products that brings the warmth of the sun to our face, even in the heart of winter. You can find all the makeup kits from press on nail company. The most common mistake with bronzer is found in its application, especially in summer looks: it is not intended for the whole face but for the places where the sun kisses, ie high on the cheekbones, temples, forehead line, nose bridge , always doing good blending for a natural result. And of course, we do not forget a passage on the neck and décolleté with as much product as is left on the brush.

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