The Benefits of Using 360 Videos for Training


The Benefits of Using 360 Videos for Training

360 video has taken over the global video industry. These videos can be used on video feeds, social media platforms, training, industry, etc.  Such

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360 video has taken over the global video industry. These videos can be used on video feeds, social media platforms, training, industry, etc.  Such videos give viewers a rich experience of spherical high-definition video that is extremely immersive. 360 videos have the power to engage audiences like never before.

What is a 360 video?

First and foremost, 360 videos are panoramic videos of the real world, where the camera captures the view from all sides simultaneously. These videos are usually shot with a set of cameras or an omnidirectional camera.  This gives the viewer control over the direction of the view. 360 video bears a striking resemblance to VR video. However, you don’t need any special equipment to watch these videos.

How do I record a 360 video?

With the growing popularity of 360 video, several cameras have appeared on the market.  Typically, professionals use GoPro cameras to record such videos, which consist of 6 cameras that can shoot 170° each. This allows for a full 360° and 180° vertical view. All the cameras are positioned at different angles to cover every frame and not lose data. The recorder should make sure that all cameras have the same settings and are turned on before recording begins.

Here’s how 360 video is used in organizations:

Corbin Ball, a well-known meeting technology consultant, believes immersive video is now being used by organizations and has huge potential, especially for VR meetings.

Today, many major brands are using 360° video for product demonstrations. For example, Samsung has used the technology to showcase vacation spots; the video game industry uses immersive videos to promote games, and the trailer for the movie Conjuring 2 was run in 360 to give viewers a nerve-wracking experience.


Here’s how 360 video can be used for corporate training:

Although 360° video technology is not new, the corporate sector has begun to recognize its value in training. This technology can offer viewers an engaging and exciting experience at a relatively low cost. Here are a few ways 360 can be used in corporate training:

Here are a few of the benefits of 360 video:

Immersive videos give learners a sense of physical presence. The three-dimensional image helps learners feel the depth of detail.

The learner can really experience the scenario.

This eliminates the clutter and monotony of flat 2D videos.

Most 360° video cameras have the ability to broadcast live video in multiple locations.

Students can focus on different aspects at the same time.

The memorability rate of immersive videos is higher because they place the learner in a real-world, hands-on situation.

Learners tend to become deeply immersed in the content.

Organizations need an enterprise video portal to manage, store and organize 360° video content. cinema8 provides support for 360° video. To keep up with the times, record your immersive videos and store them in a video content management system so your organization can take advantage of it.