The best design apps for iPad


The best design apps for iPad

We propose the best applications developed to draw on the screen of your Apple iPad with the help of the Apple Pencil. Get amazing, professional work

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We propose the best applications developed to draw on the screen of your Apple iPad with the help of the Apple Pencil. Get amazing, professional work done with this list of design apps, some of which offer free features.

 Adobe Comp CC

What are the best iPad apps to draw with? What are the most used by professional designers? Actually, there are many options. Here we are going to tell you about the most used by the professional sector.

The iPad is an extraordinary tool if we think of designers. That is why we have selected the most useful apps with which to draw. We also indicate, where applicable, the applications that take advantage of the functions of the second and new generation Apple Pencil.

Unleash your creativity with this series of applications available in the App Store that will allow you to make the most of the big screen of your iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro. Any version of iPad is good to work with.

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Adobe Capture CC

The Adobe Capture CC application was designed specifically for your iPad or iPhone with the added benefit that it will allow you to convert photos into vector graphics for use in other applications in the Creative Cloud suite.

Among them are Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Animate, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro. In fact, this application is the combination of Brush CC, Color CC, Hue CC and Shape CC.

Thus, it allows you to play with geometric patterns, colors, shapes and custom brushes. The latest version of Adobe Capture CC gets more out of your mobile device. Use your iPhone as a vector converter to transform photos into themes or patterns.

Autodesk Graphic

It is a professional graphic design and illustration application that has been designed for artists with mobility needs, making it ideal for regular iPad Pro users who travel with their Apple Pencil.

It is not free software like others, but it is a program that is worth it if you want to give your work a professional look and finish.

The application allows you to create complex vector-based PDF and SVG files, using the powerful pencil tool to achieve custom shapes. You will also have layer effects such as shadows, brightness, fills and multiple strokes.

You can also use the classic brush and pencil tools to draw with the fluidity that characterizes these types of quick projects.

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iFont, as its name suggests, is a dedicated font application for the iPad with which you can create your own font to install on all your devices or use it as a web font on your pages.

The latest version 2 of iFontMaker, introduced years ago, offers a whole series of new brushes with multi-touch support, Bezier editing, customization and export options for GIF images and animations.

If the purpose of them is to create your own fonts for the web, embed them as is as if they were royalty-free fonts. Why look for new fonts when you can create them yourself.

Astropad Graphics Tablet


The proposal that comes from the developer Astropad is an incentive for users who want to turn the iPad into a drawing tablet so that everything you do on the iPad will also be reflected on your Mac computer.

With Astropad you can draw directly in applications such as Photoshop or any other and in real time, you will be able to visualize the project’s lines on your iMac computer or MacBook laptop.

With Astropad Studio 2.1 and Astropad Standard 2.5 you can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new ‘Office’ mode, a feature for environments where several people work on the same project. The information is stored on the device.

The price of the standard version amounts to $ 29.99, while the Studio subscription mode pays a fee of € 79.99 per year with the support of additional tools.

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp can work on your iPad in compatibility mode with all Adobe software, with the incentive that this application offers graphic designers to handle various shapes, texts and fonts of all kinds.

In fact, the latest free version of Adobe Comp CC lets you play with third-party fonts installed on your device, as well as instantly view mockups, edit multiple selections, and use keyboard shortcuts. The best part of Adobe software is that your files are synchronized with any device regardless of the platform used, something that translates into greater productivity by being able to resume work at any time.

Font book

FontBook is a useful tool for designers as it has a complete and up-to-date library of different fonts at an international level. This covers more than 46,000 typefaces from 9479 font families.

The iPad version is designed as an invitation to surf and play. Two types of markers help you compile font lists and compare fonts using sample text and colored backgrounds. You can browse by Class, Foundry, Designer, Year, or Name, or you can search if you have a specific font family in mind. In addition, there are lists of sources that you can search following certain criteria of genre, stylistic period, similarity or popularity. The FontBook interface has been completely overhauled in version 5.0, including a new application font, icon, and easy-to-access text editor. You can buy it at an affordable price of just over € 1.09.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is a tool for creating vector graphics, so Adobe gives you an infinite number of useful tools to achieve great achievements. Adobe Ink and Apple Pencil (with iPad Pro), as well as pencils from FiftyThree, Adonit, and Wacom all work with the app. You can create precision lines and curves using the Touch Slide digital ruler, and add images from multiple sources, including the Creative Cloud Marketplace for tracing and collage . As with Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw is included in your Creative Cloud subscription mode . 2GB of add-on storage allows for file syncing and sharing between applications.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Mix


With the inclusion of tools for the graphite pencil, an ink pen, blending markers, and an eraser, Adobe’s Sketch app offers handy condensed tools for startup and use from mobile devices.

In the same way, Photoshop Mix has a profile more oriented towards photographers than designers, but with the same purpose of becoming an essential tool. Both are connected to Creative Cloud and are free as part of the subscription.

It is worth mentioning as a novelty that the Sketch 4.7 version takes better advantage of the use of the new second generation Apple Pencil, by being able to control the double tap in the most recent version of iPad Pro aided by the Apple Pencil.

Autodesk Sketchbook

As has happened with the rest of the solutions that we have talked about in the article, the free version offers the most basic things to draw and paint on the iPad. However, if you choose to purchase the Pro version, you will get a host of additional tools.

For starters, the free Sketchbook app has a selection of 10 preset brushes and a layer editor with up to 3 layers and 16 blending modes, along with symmetry tools.

If you are willing to pay for the professional version, you will get. A total of more than 100 brushes and access to the most complete library of Copic colors, with blending modes and handling of a multitude of layers.

You can buy a subscription to SketchBook even using your iTunes account from your mobile device, something that the App Store already supports