The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues


The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues

The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues Do you find yourself wondering where the most spectacular wedding venues are in the US? This list describes a few o

The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues

Do you find yourself wondering where the most spectacular wedding venues are in the US? This list describes a few of the nation’s most luxurious wedding venues.


If you want your wedding night to be remembered by all who attend, consider having your wedding at one of these locations. Though they’re expensive, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams.


Whether you need wedding DJ services, wedding catering, or a wedding planner, wedding professionals will surely want to work with you if you have your wedding at one of the following destinations.

Gramercy Park Hotel, New York

Built-in 1925, the Gramercy looks like something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Gatsby would have tossed a few back here if he were real. The Manhattan skyline forms the backdrop for this stunning venue, and a Danny Meyer menu sure to make your guests’ mouths water. The kicker? The guests who book the venue get a key to the private Gramercy Park for an easy way to escape the crowd.

White Elephant, Nantucket

Break out your Sperrys and prepare to bask in the sun at this magnificent venue. The White Elephant is an excellent place to throw a lavish wedding party. A terrace overlooking the waterfront, fresh oysters, craft cocktails, few things symbolize American opulence more than a Nantucket wedding at the White Elephant.

Granite Ridge Estate, Norway, Maine

Have you ever wanted to get married on top of a mountain? Sitting atop a 1,000 ft mountain about an hour north of Portland, the Granite Ridge Estate is a 3,500 square-foot wood barn with unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. Carving out a pace for itself on the “10 Hottest Venues for 2016.” There’s something for everyone at the Granite Ridge Estate. If the barn and New England church aren’t up your alley, opt for the fresco in the nearby outdoor wedding venue.

The Hay-Adams, Washington D.C.

The Hay-Adams has, without a doubt, the most impressive backdrop on this list. After all, how can you top the White House and the Washington Monument? With its Italian-Renaissance-style design and Elizabethan, Italian, and Tudor motifs, the Hay-Adams give you a classical feeling. And if the decorations aren’t enough, you can count on the souvenirs to provide you with all you need. FOr example, the married couple gets embroidered pillows.

Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston

As a National Historic Landmark, the Lowndes is a stunning monument that rests within 14 acres of oak-trees and riverfront views. What’s more? The Lowndes is minutes from downtown Charleston. Its grand lawn and main house, built in 1786, have breathtaking views and offer a charming setting for any couple looking for an extravagant ceremony and reception.


Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

You might consider Las Vegas as the land where Elvis gives nuptials. However, the Mandarin Oriental serves as a reminder that Las Vegas has some of the most elaborate wedding venues in the country. A plus side is that you can have both the bachelor and bachelorette parties in the same place where you have the wedding.


If you need spa treatments, or you want to spend your honeymoon soaking in the sun, you’re already in the right place. The Mandarin also has some of the most impressive honeymoon suites in Vegas, which is saying something. Their rooms have massive windows that overlook the strip and make you feel like royalty.

Little Nell, Aspen, CO

The Rocky Mountains are usually thought of as the rugged outdoors. Most people don’t associate them with romantic getaways. But when you get married after hopping off a gondola that takes you to a deck overlooking these behemoth natural wonders, you’ll understand the romance of the Rockies.


There’s also no better venue for a ski wedding. With its vaulted ceilings, the Little Nell offers your wedding refuge from the cold while still allowing you to whisk off and hit the slopes with your beloved.

Modern Honolulu, Hawaii

The Modern Honolulu is an Instagram influencer’s paradise. What more can brides ask for than the opportunity to walk out on an aisle directly over the water? The boutique Waikiki hotel gives you beach, poolside, and ballroom options. And if that’s not enough, you can get the presidential suite and watch the waves roll by with your spouse.

Peabody Opera House, St. Louis

This massive theater with multiple ballrooms can host weddings of all sizes. In the heart of downtown St. Louis, it is perhaps the most impressive wedding venue in all the midwest. Constructed entirely in marble, this venue will give you and your guests the feeling that you’re attending an old-fashioned ball.

Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Illinois

We may have spoken too soon about the most impressive venue in all the midwest. Overlooking Lake Michigan, this museum’s terraces and its solarium give your wedding party access to the Chicago skyline, which makes an excellent backdrop for exchanging your vows.


The Grainger Sky Theater is nearby. With 36-foot domed ceilings, it creates an ideal dancefloor for your reception. The kicker for the Adler is that it might be the only venue on this list that offers private telescope viewings from the terrace during cocktail hour.

Conclusion- The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues

No matter where you are in the US, there’s no shortage of amazing wedding venues. With our rich heritage, many of these venues have historic ties. Others showcase the natural beauty of our homeland.


Whatever your style may be, these wedding venues will offer, hands down one of the best nights of your life. Having your ceremony and reception at will surely be a thing to remember.