What does a CFO do for your Company and what are his advantages?


What does a CFO do for your Company and what are his advantages?

The Chief Financial Officer is a relatively new concept in India, but it is growing rapidly because it is extremely efficient, especially when combine

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The Chief Financial Officer is a relatively new concept in India, but it is growing rapidly because it is extremely efficient, especially when combined with new technologies for virtual or remote management.

The objective is to provide a skill set of experienced finance directors of large corporations, for the small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and Startups sector.

This allows smaller organizations to benefit from a highly experienced professional without incurring full-time hiring costs.

What does a CFO do?

This executive analyzes all of the company’s financial activities to map out current needs and establish future ones. This approach translates into a detailed and in-depth diagnosis, with the aim of identifying all areas for improvement.

Based on this approach, a clear and objective work plan is drawn up that a high quality “On- Demand Finance Director” can manage to implement.

  • Advice to company managers: Transfer of knowledge to non-financial managers in order to guide them clearly through the numbers;
  • Streamlining of processes and implementation of internal controls: CFO Services in India” comes with the experience of other companies, being able to evaluate and implement new methods and systems, providing cost and benefit savings;
  • Objective and Comprehensive Reporting to the Board: Achieving financial clarity is an issue for many companies. The preparation, recommendation and construction of adequate reports to identify the segment-specific performance indicators are fundamental for decision making;
  • Strategic Financing: As your business grows, your long-term financial needs change. An experienced CFO can help structure appropriate financial operations and provide strategic support to your management;
  • Working capital management and cash flow planning: Companies are often under pressure on cash flow. This is an issue that experienced CFOs deal with on a regular basis and can help with immediate corrective action and putting in place adequate controls for future impacts;
  • Assist in recruiting, evaluating and training finance teams: CFOs can help manage current staff and recruit as the business demands;
  • Helps you to obtain an EIN for doing business in USA.
  • Stakeholder Management: The independence and experience of CFOs provide support and assistance in dealing with external stakeholders.
  • Change in management: Whether in the finance department or the business as a whole, the CFO comes with knowledge and experience from other organizations and can help with solutions already applied in other businesses.

Advantages for the company…

  • High level expertise and knowledge from a qualified finance professional who knows your industry, your market and the challenges you may face;
  • Strategic support to evolve your business model, improve the efficiency of your finances and improve your internal drivers;
  • Flexible access to a finance executive to take over financial management, freeing your executives for sales, customer service and operational work;
  • Proficiency of a finance expert when you need top-notch strategic insights, planning and advice;
  • Access to a Chief Financial Officer for board meetings, strategic guidance and ongoing support;
  • Not having the long-term cost of a permanent Finance Director role;
  • Every business should have an experienced finance professional, not necessarily full-time, but he or she needs to be on hand when needed;
  • The appointment of the Chief Financial Officer limits him to the individual’s personal abilities, we structure our business so that each of our clients can enjoy the combined skills, contacts and experience of our entire team.