What Is Sales Automation CRM? Guide To More Efficient Sales Process


What Is Sales Automation CRM? Guide To More Efficient Sales Process

For several industries, the advent of digital transformation has led to the automation of imperative operations, driving better efficiency & produ

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For several industries, the advent of digital transformation has led to the automation of imperative operations, driving better efficiency & productivity and eliminating redundancies.  Automation has been a game-changer in the Real Estate industry as well. The new approach to automation widely adopted by Real Estate businesses has helped them increase sales, remove delays and enhance client experience and satisfaction. 

What is sales automation? How is it helpful for Real Estate businesses?

Sales automation is the process that includes the utilization of Real Estate CRM, often integrated with other digital tools for manual, time-demanding sales operations. Its purpose is to manage or handle the daily, weekly, or monthly obligations of sales representatives and managers of the Real Estate firm.

Sales automation processes assist realtors in administering daily operations such as managing multiple projects, keeping track of locations, updating inventories, selling properties, and locating tenants successfully.

For this purpose, Real Estate CRM software can assist developers to boost their business by automating sales processes, workflow setups, and lead tracking & management. Some of the benefits of using Sales automation CRM are-

  • It boosts the client experience and level of satisfaction during repeat servicing. CRM allows the sales team to gather and access all relevant information right away when interacting with clients.
  • It helps predict the sales rates based on deal-making data, statistics and information and sales funnel passing speed more accurately.
  • It monitors the quality of managers’ and sales reps’ work to cut costs and improve performance.

Top 4 must-have features to implement an efficient Real Estate sales process-

Have a look at the key features of Real Estate CRM that assure an effective Real Estate sales process to drive more sales and revenue for the business-

1. Lead Scoring-

Realtors can assess a prospect’s interest, expectations, and background based on the information acquired in the database. Each prospect’s data profile is analysed, and a scoring rank is assigned to it by the CRM Software. This score indicates whether they will convert, whether they require additional assistance, or whether the business will be unable to meet their needs. This scoring provides an in-depth insight into the lead’s aspirations and can help the sales team close the deal faster. This sales process automation aids Real Estate Developers in making rational decisions about which clients to approach and which to decline.

2. Lead Nurturing-

A sales automation CRM is helpful for not just acquiring and scoring leads but also nurturing them. Personalised timely emails, newsletters, SMS messages and reminders can be sent based on the leads collected, channelled, and segmented. The CRM Software can set up auto-scheduled follow-ups to guarantee that the sales force is always on top of the pipeline and working efficiently. 

3. Pipeline management-

A sales pipeline is a visual representation that depicts where the opportunities are in the Real Estate sales process, split down into stages. It lays out the steps and action plan that the sales team should take to turn a prospect into a customer. The effectiveness of the sales professionals and the subsequent actions taken by the prospects determine the success of the deal closing. Real Estate Developers should look for CRM systems that track the status of opportunities, remind sales teams to follow up, automate sales actions, and help maintain a well-coordinated pipeline for improved sales pipeline management.

4. Cloud Telephony-

A Real Estate company receives hundreds of calls and inquiries every day, and it is vital to respond to each one. Missing out even on a single voice call can cost an absolute fortune. Real estate businesses must embrace Cloud Telephony services to deliver an omnichannel interface to their clients. Cloud Telephony Solution helps eliminate the risk of missing out on leads by automating their call management system. A CRM system integrated with Cloud telephony solutions is what Real Estate Developers must implement.


Sell.Do is an integrated Real Estate CRM system that empowers the sales teams to sell better and faster with its excellent sales automation features like automatic lead capturing, intelligent call routing and team collaboration. Have a look at its key features that enable end-to-end sales to funnel automation-

1. Easier Lead Management-

Sell.Do offers advanced lead management features that automate most of the work with just a click of the button. It enables sales teams to automatically capture leads from multiple sources through lead capture forms and planned digital campaigns. Moreover, they can focus on the right leads through automatic lead scoring and task streamlining capabilities, along with customising multiple sales pipelines. 

2. Better pre-sales calling-

Sell.Do’s CRM call centre provides cutting-edge infrastructure and real-time monitoring software, allowing the sales teams to improve the sales numbers from the first touchpoint. Furthermore, it offers On-premise & Cloud Telephony Support, virtual numbers to track leads across mediums, Built-in Voicemail, IVR & Greetings & intelligent call routing features. 

3. Improved Real Estate workflow-

The Sell.Do’s workflow automation software is capable of automating the entire lead nurturing process effectively. It enables sales teams to Automate Email, SMS Flows and follow-ups, Auto-Connect Calls for Better Response Rates, and automated task assignments for better workflow. 

4. Enhanced Team Collaboration-

Sell.Do’s team collaboration platform provides cutting-edge technology to multiple Real Estate teams, allowing them to perform at their best. It comes with features like 


  • Notes on Leads for Better Data Hand-Off
  • User Tags & Search For Better Collaboration
  • Auto-Generated Feeds to Understand Customer Journey
  • Manager Dashboards With Drill Down Member Reporting and much more.


Recent times have reinstated the importance of sales and marketing automation for the Real Estate industry. Foresighted Developers have already undergone the transformation to digital, and are reaping the benefits. If you wish to make your sales process more effective and efficient, schedule a Sell.Do demo today.