Which are the most used payment apps in India?


Which are the most used payment apps in India?

There are many times that we must rely upon the payment apps to make bill payments for utilities, the internet, or our postpaid connection all from ou

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There are many times that we must rely upon the payment apps to make bill payments for utilities, the internet, or our postpaid connection all from our smartphones. Doing the payments for all of these things from our mobile phones are becoming more secure and user-friendly which has made them very popular. The other reason for their popularity is that we carry our smartphones everywhere and at most times we are also connected to the internet which makes them perfect for recharges and bill payments.

If you have been wondering that out of the many apps available, which ones are the most popular and most used, then you have come to the right place. In this write up we will evaluate the most popular payment apps and find out which ones have the best features relevant to you.


  • Airtel Thanks App and Airtel Money Wallet – The payment app offered by the telecom giant Airtel is called Airtel Thanks App and it does a lot more things than just offer bill payments. It is a swiss army knife of the mobile app world for the Airtel customers who can manage any parts of all their Airtel accounts from just one place. The App makes it easy for the customers to make payments for their postpaid and broadband bills and also lets them pay for utilities such as electricity, water, piped gas, and many more. In their free time, the customers can even use it to watch online content and live TV. The Airtel Money Wallet is the online wallet of the Airtel Payments Bank which also helps their customers makes online payments effortlessly. Two-step payment verification before the payments also makes the entire process more secure and effective.
  • Amazon Pay – Another payment app that has become very popular is Amazon Pay. Instead of using a separate app, the e-commerce giant opted for using their Amazon shopping app which can also double as the payment app. Apart from making payments for bills, the money at this app can also be used by paying for orders through Amazon. That is why you can even use the wallet through the Amazon website.
  • Google Pay – Google Pay is one of the best UPI apps in the market right now; however, it does not have a wallet attached. That can be a great feature since the money is not blocked anywhere since the payment is made directly from your bank account to the vendor. On the flip side, it can also happen that your bank server maintenance makes it impossible to make the payment when you need to.
  • PhonePe – PhonePe has been applauded for the simple user interface and quick payment mechanism which makes it one of the faster payment apps in the market. The app has been backed up by Flipkart, another one of the E-Commerce giants in India. It is also considered a safe and secure app along with being user-friendly.

These are the best and most popular apps that you can use for making payments in India. If you are an Airtel customer you can easily opt for an Airtel Payments Bank savings account that can get you additional facilities such as cardless withdrawals through ATMs, digital Debit Card, and even interest on the money that you keep in your account. Check Airtel Thanks app Offers