Why Choose Parquet Flooring Over Hardwood?

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Why Choose Parquet Flooring Over Hardwood?

Why choose parquet flooring? There are several reasons people choose it for their home, and you may want to consider all of your options before you ma

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Why choose parquet flooring? There are several reasons people choose it for their home, and you may want to consider all of your options before you make your final decision.

Parquet is one of the oldest flooring types that are still in use today. Parquet was first created in France in the early 1700s and has used on porches and floors in mansions and banqueting rooms ever since.

Today, it used in the finest of modern interior decorating and architecture works. Still, those who have long considered it to be an excellent investment choose to give parquet their unique style and design.

Parquet flooring provides durability and strength 

Parquet is an amalgamation of wood flooring and a type of textile known as gauze. Initially, the material used felt that it was reliable and resistant to staining, although today, this is not always the case. The most common fabric that makes up the top layer of a parquet floor is polyester.

This relatively lightweight fabric is also very durable and will hold its original color. To enhance durability, this material cut in a variety of patterns and thicknesses. That gives the piece a unique look and feel while still providing durability and strength.

Parquet offers a unique way to add a bit of elegance to your home

Parquet offers a unique way to add a bit of beauty to your home and gives you the same look that solid wood floors give. You will have the ability to add a touch of romance to your home without replacing and upgrading your entire floor.

While solid wood floors are quite pricey, Parquet flooring Abu Dhabi is a much more affordable option. For instance, one hundred sixty-four square feet of solid wood floors are often found in a typical four foot by eight-foot parquet.

Parquet flooring gives a high-quality area to entertain guests 

When you think about the advantages of using this type of floor, think about the number of uses you will have for this room. If you are a dining room, living room, dining room, or den, you will likely need a high-quality area to entertain guests or host family dinners.

When choosing your floor’s color and style, make sure that you select something that complements your other furniture and the rest of your home.

If you have a large family or a large number of families and friends visiting your home, you may want to use several different patterns and styles simultaneously. It is also possible to have different methods for each family member so they will be able to have a unique style.

Parquet flooring create a separate living space

This flooring type also makes it possible to create a separate living space with a separate kitchen, den, or bedroom, when you have a larger home. That is very useful if you have children or if you have a large family.

Since you can make a single large room look like two separate bedrooms or a living room or den, there is no problem with the children trying to play in the living area or the kitchen or bedroom when you are not around. The parquet quickly cleaned with a hose.

Three Reasons You Should Choose Parquet Flooring Instead of Other Floors

When it comes to choosing the perfect floor for your home, you might want to consider whether you should opt for a parquet or some other floor covering. However, it is easy to see why, as this type of floor covering uses large blocks of timber to create a smooth mosaic effect known as ‘parquet,’ which has become very popular in recent years.

However, if you are thinking about going down the parquet route, there are a few things that you need to think about before you make your final decision. Below is a short list of reasons why you should choose parquet flooring over any other floor covering options:

  • Parquet makes for the perfect floor covering option if you have children. Children can be very messy, and when it comes to floor covering – especially with an area such as the floor in your kids’ bedroom – it is essential to make sure that your child-free environment remains safe. Parquet is exceptionally soft, making it ideal for a child’s floor. As well as being comfortable, you will also find that it has excellent traction, meaning that your children can walk on their parquet floor without causing damage to their feet.
  • Parquet can make the perfect floor covering for any room in your home. For example, if you have a living room in your home, then parquet is the ideal choice of floor covering as it is not bulky and will allow you to move around without worrying about the floor becoming disheveled or damaged in a knock or two. Also, depending on the style of your home and the style of furniture that you have, parquet may suit the look better than other types of floor covering options. For example, if you have an old-fashioned looking pub in the middle of your living room, then perhaps a plain white floor covering would suit your needs better than a patterned wood floor cover that looks too busy.
  • Parquet is very versatile and can fit into any room in your home without too many problems. As we have already mentioned above, it is quite easy to choose parquet flooring if you have children, and you can always mix and match the different floor patterns to create some interesting effects.


People choose parquet flooring over hardwood for their living room or bedrooms because it can easily match the colors of the other areas of the home. When you add a rug or carpeting to a place, it can appear that it has left out and unattended for a while, and without a lot of effort, you can restore the room to its original appearance.