Write My Essay: Ten Essay Topics To Get Your Homework Done.

Do you feel like you need to write an essay? Are you stumped on what to write about? You're in luck! This list is here to help. From writing the right

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Do you feel like you need to write an essay? Are you stumped on what to write about? You’re in luck! This list is here to help. From writing the right focus for your essay to narrowing down the topic, this list will give you some essay topics that are perfect for creating a solid structure for your work.


  1. The Effects Of Global Warming
  2. The Rise of Modern Technology
  3. Destroying The Environment
  4. How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  5. What Is A Healthy Diet?
  6. How To Develop Empathy For Others
  7. The Importance Of Social Media In Society Today
  8. Does Technology Harm Our Minds?
  9. Who Is Responsible For Protecting Animals From Abuse?

The Effects Of Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. The urgency surrounding the problem prompted Pope Francis to declare that climate change is more dangerous than terrorism. One of the main ways in which people are contributing to the issue is through their carbon footprint. How you can reduce your carbon footprint is a topic worth exploring.

The Rise of Modern Technology

How has technology changed our lives? What are some of its pros and cons? What will happen if we don’t use it properly? This topic is perfect for those who want to write about how modern technology has impacted society today.

Destroying The Environment

Has humanity really made a difference in preserving our environment or just causing further damage? This topic could be used for a critical thinking essay about how mankind is destroying the Earth at an alarming rate, or it could be used for Essay writing services on how we can preserve nature despite all odds.

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This topic would work well as a persuasive Essay Writing Help on why everyone should follow these steps to reduce their carbon footprint; it could also work as a piece on what’s being done already to prevent this problem from getting worse.

What Is A Healthy Diet?

This topic would be logical for an essay focusing on what makes up a healthy diet and how best to maintain one whether that means writing about vegetarianism, veganism,

The Rise of Modern Technology

The rise of modern technology has led to a drastic change in our society. Humans have been able to get closer to other humans and the world around us. Social media, smartphones, and the like have revolutionized how we live and what kind of society we live in today.

Destroying The Environment

One of the consequences of global warming is that it is destroying the environment. In addition, it will lead to more natural disasters and more pollution.

Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint:

-Turn off lights when they’re not needed.

-Don’t buy a car if you do not need one.

-Reduce your waste as much as possible.

-Turn off devices like computers, printers, and microwaves when they’re not in use.

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s important to know how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is being emitted into the atmosphere every day. This is because CO2 emissions can be offset as a result of reducing your personal CO2 emissions. One way to do this is by changing your diet and by using your car less often.


  1. What Is A Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet consists of mostly vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. It also includes lean proteins like fish, beans, and poultry. The main idea of a healthy diet is that you should eat foods that have been minimally processed or have not been genetically modified by humans. You should also avoid foods with added sugar or salt since these are considered unhealthy for most people’s diets.


  1. What Should Be Done About Sexual Harassment In Public Spaces?

Many people complain about sexual harassment in public spaces such as restaurants and public transportation systems. It’s important to address sexual harassment in public spaces so it doesn’t happen too often anymore.

What Is A Healthy Diet?

How should one go about developing a healthy diet? What are the most common mistakes that people make when trying to eat healthier? These are just two of the many essay topics you can explore with your work.

A healthy diet is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for children and adolescents. The American Dietetic Association recommends eating a variety of foods from different food groups every day with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. 

This provides a well-rounded diet that includes essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Emphasizing these will help make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients to stay healthy.

You should also pay attention to what you’re eating. Focus on foods that contain high amounts of fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and vitamin A in order to avoid deficiencies. Other key components of good nutrition include regular physical activity (more than 60 minutes per day), adequate sleep (7-9 hours), avoidance of alcohol consumption or excessive caffeine intake while staying hydrated (at least 8 cups per day), and avoiding sugary drinks or processed foods.

The most common mistakes people make when trying to eat healthier are not paying enough attention to their food choices and forgetting about limiting the amount of sugar they consume each day. For example, according to research published by CNN Health in 2014: “Almost half of Americans 49 percent do not eat any fruit each day

How To Develop Empathy For Others

Empathy is having a sense of what someone else is going through. It’s being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, knowing how they feel, and understanding the challenges they face in their lives. Without empathy, we wouldn’t be able to understand how other people feel. We can’t do anything if we don’t have empathy for our fellow human beings.


One way to develop empathy for others is by taking the time to listen. When you’re listening, it’s easy to notice the things that someone wants or needs – like praise or attention. If you listen well, you can also find out what makes them happy and what inspires them. The more time you spend listening, the easier it will be for you to develop empathy for others.

The Importance Of Social Media In Society Today

Social Media has changed the way we share news and interact with our friends and family. In some ways, it’s made society stronger. But in other ways, it’s brought out the worst parts of humanity. Social media has created a new way for people to be vulnerable in public and that vulnerability has led to harassment.


1. The Effects Of Global Warming

Every year, more and more countries are seeing the effects of global warming. What does global warming mean for your future? It means more natural disasters happening around the world, more extreme weather patterns in places you’ve never seen before, and less clean water to drink. 

That’s not all – global warming also means rising sea levels which will eventually cause huge problems for populations living along coastlines. This is an issue that needs to be addressed now or else it’ll be a big problem later on down the line.


2. The Rise Of Modern Technology

Technology has evolved over time and there are many advancements that have been made in modern technology over the past century–especially since the time of industrialization! These technological advancements have caused many changes in society as well as affected how people live their lives today. From artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, these technologies represent a massive change in how we structure our lives today and how quickly they can change at our whim! How do these technologies affect your life? Are they good or bad? Or maybe you think there’s too much focus on technology.

Access And Privacy Issues

Access and privacy issues are becoming more and more of a concern for people. With the increase in social media, there has been an increase in concerns over privacy. Does social media harm our minds? Does technology harm our brains? These are just two examples of the many questions people can ask about access and privacy issues. The effects of global warming are another tangible example as it’s not just humans who feel the effects of this phenomenon. There is plenty to consider when it comes to access and privacy, so take some time to think about what you want to write about.


  1. What Is A Healthy Diet?
  2. How To Develop Empathy For Others
  3. The Rise of Modern Technology
  4. Do We Need Technology In Our Lives?
  5. Does Social Media Harm Our Minds?
  6. How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  7. Is Modern Technology Harmed Our Spiritual Development?
  8. What Should Be Done About Sexual Harassment In Public Spaces?

Emotional Impact Of Social Media

The emotional impact of social media is a topic that attracts many people. It’s not uncommon for people to claim that social media has made them feel more connected and has allowed them to better express themselves. However, some argue that this “emotional connection” is shallow and based on the fact that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. 

Social media allows us to view what everyone else is doing, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy in our own lives. The constant bombardment of images of perfect life experiences can make us feel like our own lives are not good enough. Other factors such as cyber-bullying and exposure to violent content have also been linked with an increase in mental health issues. Which side do you agree with?